Which Older Hit TV Show or Movie Should The New CFL Resemble The Most?

Which Older TV Show or Movie Should The New CFL Resemble The Most?
  • Fantasy Island - Far More Exciting Plays and Subplots Even If Called Back by Penalties
  • The Love Boat - Because The CFL Is Like Love, Exciting and New
  • All In The Family - Lots of Arguments and Fights, But Everybody Ends Up Staying the Night in the Same House
  • The Office - Irreverent and Quirky
  • Seinfeld - New Wacky Adventures with Varying Degrees of Humour
  • Three's Company - A Wacky Mix-Up Every Game But Always A Clear Winner
  • The Matrix - Players and Coaches Take The Red Pill Every Time
  • Sanford and Son - Entertaining Wisdom Well Above and Beyond The Junkyard
  • The Bourne Identity - A Star Is Born One Game Per Week, and He's A Baaaad Man
  • Breaking Bad - Beyond The Winning Team, A New Villain Who Wins Something Every Game

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I would go with Rocky II


Seinfeld. In one episode Kramer refused a Super Bowl ticket, because “he only watches Canadian football”.


Welcome back Kotter.

how about F troop :slight_smile:

or maybe the Last of the Mohicans.


It's got to be the Simpsons. Despite talk of it's demise, it keeps going season after season after season.

F Troop,,, dont remind me!

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Anybody catch the series premiere of the show "The Debris" on NBC. It's a science fiction show about "debris" from an alien spacecraft and how it affected humans into a catatonic state(Invasion of the Body Snatchers).

Anyway, there is a scene where the show's hero, a FBI agent walks into a missing person's home and goes to the living room and there is a CFL football game on the big screen TV in the background. Anybody knows what teams are playing on it? I think it is Saskatchewan and Winnipeg. I recognize the turf the teams played on. Another point is that the series was filmed in British Columbia.

I have seen CFL games in TV shows like "The Sopranos" and "Modern Family".

You can check it out on your cable subscriber's OnDemand channel. And tell me what are the two CFL teams playing in the background

Lots of shows use the CFL games as a backdrop when they want to show sports or football on a TV in the background. It is much cheaper for them to get the rights to this rather than to show an NFL game for instance.


I know that. I just wanted people to help me out on identifying the CFL teams playing in the scene. Help out a bro, will ya.

My best guess is: Hamilton v Toronto from either 2010 or 2011.

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Did you see that episode that I described in my earlier posts? The scene was abrupt. I recognized the sheen from the turf thinking it was Turf Field. I assumed the CFL game was a recent game in a new stadium either in Winnipeg or Saskatchewan.

I think I will watch the episode again on OnDemand. Thanks for the help

I am going to narrow it down to further by guessing it is the game between Toronto at Hamilton from August 13, 2011. Some of the players visible for Hamilton seem to be: Simeon Rottier, Belton Johnson, Peter Dyakowski, and Brian Simmons.

If the video is actually from a CFL game, then I would assume somebody edited the footage to remove the TSN stuff and the advertising logos on the field.

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I viewed the episode from "Debris". It looked like Calgary versus Saskatchewan. It looked like a running play on the Saskatchewan 45 yard line, thus field logos won't be present. The audio sounds like Chris Cuthbert and the word "fumble" is mentioned. Saskatchewan is wearing white jerseys with green numbers with green pants with a white strip, while Calgary are wearing red jerseys with black pants with a white strip circa 2010. Calgary is the home team since Calgary are wearing the dark jerseys

You think Sully would know the answer to this mystery?

"Seinfeld" is in the lead so far. I never would have guessed it would get even one vote. The More You Know and all that.

"Welcome Back Kotter" was one before my time and hey, I never understood the show when seeing a re-run (and did not find it funny), but maybe somebody else can relate or explain here? And that theme song was awful.

"F-Troop" was also before my time, but I did understand the reference by FYB.

I thought you were around my age?

Fairly certain I am correct about the teams in that Debris scene as it appears that for Toronto: Willie Pile, Jason Pottinger, Ronald Flemons, Jordan Younger, and maybe Ejiro Kuale are present. While the date of the game could be off, the season is almost certainly either 2010 or 2011.

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Ha ha ha no way - you played rugby when a try was worth only 3 points as well you told us.

And you indicated you may have come across a few historical figures such as Queen Victoria at various secret parties you had attended in those days.

yeah, thats right. Good ole queen (victor) victoria really was a big hit at all the secret drag parties back in the 70's :slight_smile: