Which of THESE 3 BANNERS should I bring Saturday night?

120db YOU'RE SIGN LOOKED GREAT LAST NIGHT!!! They showed you're sign every time they were talking about the level of noise the dome creates....I saw they showed it 4 times at least


I saw the sign too on TSN. By the way, thanks for losing yesterday! :slight_smile:

how about when are we ever going to win one against a good team

Should I add a second NOISE! banner in the opposite end zone?


........why? it's going to be pretty quiet in BC Place this weekend.......

Yeah that will look so cool with 2 banners!!

This posting was made many weeks ago; I wish there was some way I could change the title of this thread to "Sunday night".

Are you going to bring 2 signs of NOISE??

Yeah, and how about you make the 2nd sign…

Yea take it to the game sunday and show your Lions spirit!!!!