Which of THESE 3 BANNERS should I bring Saturday night?

Which of my 3 banners below should I bring Saturday night vs. Sask?

you are something else!!!! What team spirit! 1st and 3rd please! If only one then 1st.

Except when our offence is on you need a" SSHHHH!!!!!- Offence at work" sign.

.....you should borrow a banner from these guys.........

The NOISE! banners will hang in Section 54, lower row. Watch for them!

And all you guys in Section 17; everyone says you guys are loud. Prove it Saturday night!

Number 1 is the best

where's the BC SUCKS sign!!! LOL

I guess your the latest high IQ poster representing the Bombers . It’s about time the Bombers got their own RunnealonRun or Lonzell.

I like the 60,000 Banner, takes me back to that special place..1983 all over again.

speaking of high IQ's - where's the "SEE DAVE RUN", "SEE DAVE GET HIT", "SEE DAVE FALL TO THE GROUND" - is the best u can do is "MAKE NOISE"??? weak! no imagination or artistic talent went into those banners. Having said that, it would be nice to see u guys get 60 K fans to a game though!

FYI - "BC SUCKS" was what we all used to chant in the 3rd & 4th quarters of Bomber games back in the late 80's and early 90's when i was a season ticket holder in section S at wpg stadium. The bombers and the lions had an intense rivalry at that time, and the chant caught on to the point that no matter who we were playing, by the 4th quarter, it was always "BC SUCKS". So, u see, the chant was actually "born" out of respect for BC because they were soo good. As the saying goes, u only love to "hate" the opposing players and/or teams that are good (for the most part), kind of a form of flattery, believe it or not.

So, as for the "low IQ bomber fan" raiding your thread, BC SUCKS and we're gonna kick some butt today, or u can "rag" on me all u want!!! to be honest, if i was a betting man, it'd be on BC today, but dare to dream!

Who's our 4th QB might be better :wink:

Especially after today's game...

Hahaha good one XGamer!

Bring all of them! MAKE LOTS OF NOISE

Bring all of them


I think I’m going to watch the BC Lions to see if the Tv camera picks it up. Yeh, I heard it hear first on the Forum by 120dB
Hey thanks Great signs by the wayI like the 10’ x 6’ NOISE sign.

Has the TSN camera ever picked up my NOISE! sign?

Has the TSN camera ever shown my NOISE! sign?

Has the TSN camera ever shown my NOISE! sign?

.........hey, I saw your sign, 4th quarter when sask was driving for the last TD.......there goes 4 seconds of your allotted fifteen minutes.......

I saw your sign. I'm in Section 42, row C. Nice sign :slight_smile: