Which of the Alouettes logos do you prefer?

Given the Alouettes are revisiting their historical logos, I am curious what members here think of them.

With a new uniform supplier expected for next season, there is a likelihood that the Als change their logo, either to an historical one or an all new one.

(There are high hopes among Argonauts fans that the team goes to an updated boat logo btw.)

The wings predated my CFL watching - just a toddler at the time.
I have only vague recollections of the French horn - which is supposed to have green in it I believe.
I grew up with the Delta logo - which had blue in it for sure.

Having seen all of them on helmets during games now, my preference is actually for the original - the wings.

Your thoughts/opinions?

Definitely the wings. The best look of all of 'em. Put a blue face mask on the red winged helmet and it would look even better.

I voted for the wings too, but the French Horn is a close second. All three of the old school logos are far better than the busy, cartoonish modern one.

The Delta logo would look much better had they gone with a blue M.

I disagree. I like the Angry Bird. It looks more modern.


Wings make the uniform pop and have history as well .

Simple logos are more easily recognizable and marketable .

The wings, because they look like bloody bull horns.

But they do need to roll out this one.

Especially this season.

Why would the Alouettes use a Concord logo?

For the same reason they claim the Concorde history and records.

Except they don't claim their history or records

Delta is the worst of the bunch IMO.

Had they used the actual Delta logo that was used originally, that would have been my choice.

Angry bird is the choice.

Yes. The current look is bland and cheap looking.

The wings look like an eight year-old trying to draw Philadelphia’s helmet.

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The current one they rolled out is on top of the helmet versus the one with Calvillo which is to the side .

The older version was on top and actually was more distinctive . The newer version this year lends itself to starting the logo from the top like the older one .

They should have kept it all along as it would have played well with their history and just tinkered with uniform colours over the years .

It has a more angry menacing look to it . The angry bird is busy and cartoonish .

Would be better as a third logo once a year and keep for the kids .

Have to disagree. Keep the cartoonish Angry Bird.
That one looks more menacing than a wing.

Yes but the wing sells .

Works for the Eagles , Red Wings , Harley Davidson, USA track and field ,Honda , Bentley . Aerosmith etc … . etc … .

I get what your saying but that bird is not marketable . Except kids or gaming companies . Great as a third logo and maybe place it on a sleeve or a patch somewhere .

Angry Bird looks like a demented Woody Woodpecker on crack . :o

The Delta logo if they would've done it right instead of cheaping out by doing it in a solid red only look is my choice for my fav Al logo . My second choice would be the French Horn followed by the Wings with Woody coming in a distant last .

It would've been nice if the Als could've done things right this month instead of rolling out that ridiculously cheap looking all red logo that is on their helmets . ???

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