Which newbie will go from NO-name to ALL-star on your team?

Every year, there will be players (new to the CFL) that burst on to the scene who, relatively speaking, were unknowns. They are the crowning achievements of GM's that are able to find that diamond in the rough.

I am curious to see who everyone thinks will be that breakout player on their respective team. AT the end of the season, it will be interesting to see if that speculation panned out or not.

For the Riders, I have heard good things about Sam Breeden and Andy Fantuz. What about the rest of you? To not be a fence sitter, I will predict Breeden to be more of a break-out player, if we are to have one this year.

Good thread idea!

For the eskimos I'd have to say QB Jason Johnson or Stephen Jyles. I have a feeling that they'll look phenomenal during training camp and during any snaps they get in the regular season as back up qbs(this is of course assuming that Khari Jones is cut during training camp). More specifically, I believe that should Ricky Ray go down for any length of time this year, Jason Johnson will step in and look just as good as Maas did last year in the playoffs.

Nice topic. I have a hard time identifying someone in my team, though.

My expectation is that no rookie in the Alouettes roster will become an instant star.

  • Kai Ellis should be our most productive newcomer, but we've already seen his huge talent when he was a Renegade.

  • Philip Gauthier is the one "no-name" I would like to see shine. But I doubt he'll get enough playing time.

  • Terrence Edwards is the one I expect to see get a lot of action, mainly because that'll keep his older brother Robert happy. And we want Robert Edwards to be fully happy !

If he sees any playing time I think Quincy Carter will do really well with the als. The wide field and strong offensive line he will have play right into his type of game and if given the chance will excell at the CFL game.

Until he discovers there's an extra DB out there...

I think Sam Breeden of the Riders

.....Godfrey Ellis was only 'filling in' last year as Centre for the Stamps while Crysdale's leg healed, so it's not like he is new for this year, or unknown, but this year the position is his completely and I predict we see him fill the big shoes of Crysdale and anchor a decent O-line.......

I think Dominique Dorsey will have a good year. If the opposing kicker tries to kick away from Armstead, Dorsey will see a lot of reutrns. Also if Keith goes down, Dorsey will carry the load at tailback. With Shivers's record of finding RB's Dorsey will prove to be a superstar.

I also think that the combination of Fred Perry, Dwayne LeFall and Terrell Jurineack will light it up this year.

Dorsey also knows how to drop the ball - when he is running with it- lets not forget...

For the lions, I think you should watch out for Jamall Johnson at linebacker. I've only heard good things about this kid, and with the departure of Barrin Simpson I think he'll come in and play well when needed.

Ron Warner...he's the man....
His best quality....he can run fast n cover field...
He was gem... with the Bombers before....
Any old shades of Ron....ya gatta like it..
Thats my pick....hows bout yours..

Once again, not exactly a newbie but Buck Pierce will light it up after Dickenson sustains an injury early in the year. Tyler Emmert will also have some good games.

For the Argos, I'd say that Jeff Keeping has the best opportunity to step up. With Noah Cantor's retirement, there is an opening on the D-line and Keeping is seemingly the heir apparent for the nose-tackle spot. he did a good job in spot duty last year,

If you remember this thread, it was pick who the big up and comer will be in your organization. I picked Sam Breeden. Apparently, I am a knob as he just got released. My second pick Fantuz is still in the picture.

.......hey, you are not alone, my selection of Godfrey Ellis isn't hanging in there very well either....he managed to just hold onto the starter position but he could be skidded down the depth chart real fast if things don't turn around quickly....right now, I'd change my pick to WR Scott Anderson....

I will say that our new kicker, Congi will surprise a few this year-- he has surprised already with him being named the kicker over Pikula...

great thread....but where to start....Bomber defence is veteran laden now, so it would have to be on offense.....could be Childs could be Thurman.....lets go go with Andre Thurman since this is his first crack in the CFL......

As an Als fan, I think Chip Cox or Clint Kent might surprise people. The two rookies pushed Greg Moss off the roster at halfback, so Matthews must really see something in them.

For the Eskimos, I'll say Keyou Craver. He played during the playoffs in replace of Davis Sanchez and played amazing... better then Malcolm Frank. I think he'll keep it up this year.