Which New Player(s) Will Make Impression At Camp?

Just thought i would voice my optimism and do a quick study of The TC Roster, from a fans perspective which player's do you expect to stand out at camp? After months of analyzing player's through stats/records/video/coaches/former coaches ETC. the time has come for these guys to put up or shut up. I know our roster is full of new player's, so listing them all on this post would make it long and boring, so let's just talk about WHO we could expect to make or break this training camp. Here are my thoughts:

QB --- I expect all 4 QB's to push each other and that will only make them that much better. I expect Buck will be our starter come July 2ND with Jyles likely to be back-up, making a solid 1-2 QB Combo something we have lacked for many years. I would not write off DiMichele or Brink pushing for the #2 spot, but likely one will be 3RD, the other going on IR or PR, of course nothing would surprise me here.

RB --- Reid and Bernard make a dangerous 1-2 RB punch with Bernard proving he can block, run and catch out of the backfield, i would be very surprised to see Reid and Bernard as starter's on opening day. They will still have to work though with the likes of Marc, Stephenson, Senecal and possibly Woodson waiting for there chance. I expect Stephenson to push for a roster spot as #3 and special teams, i also think that Senecal, being a stand out on Special Teams will make a good push for a roster spot. Marc being an Import and already 28 years old will be hard pressed to make team unless he shines BIG TIME.

WR --- Oh Yeah the most competetive spot at training camp should live up to expectations with no clear cut favorites to make the team with the exception of Bowman and possibly Edwards, but Edwards will be pushed hard by some talented young Import Reciever's. Arthur, Hargreaves, McHenry, Ralph and Ionnides will push each other for the NI reciever roster spots. With the exception of Ralph, this is a younger group that may just push Ralph to the brink, none of these guys are safe, but the younger guys hold the edge over Ralph, not to mention all these reciever's are BIG bodies. Arthur and Hargreves should make team unless Ralph, Ionnides or McHenry really show well, will be competetive for sure. I expect Franklin, Hall, Jeffers-Harris, Davis, Strickland and Shelton to give it there all as they all are talented and promising. I personally like the chances of Hall, Strickland and Shelton, Hall being a young stand-out, Strickland and Shelton have speed to burn, Shelton should make team as a PR/KR to ease the pressure of JJ, i won't count out the other guys either, will be a great battle. Forgot to include Watson who will provide even more competition for a NI spot.

OL --- All of last years starter's are back for another crack which is great news as they gave up the LEAST amount of sacks last season, protecting the QB'S is essential. Is this a lock for these 5 guys? I would say no and i expect BIG Butler, Hashem and Douglas to push last seasons guys hard, i would say 1-2 new player's on the OL.

K/P --- Only position that should already be set with Serna being the kicker and Renaud doing the punting.

Secondary --- Logan should be a lock at safety, Johnson and Glover on the corner's, Craver moving to DB but will be pushed this season by Stewart, Kent, Jules, Hicks and Brown and Browne. I think Stewart and Kent will push hard but won't count out Donald Brown as well, Jules does not really get me excited at DB but could surprise. LB should see Charlton, Lobedahn, Labbe fighting to make the team with promising LB'S Wallace, Smith, Courtney and Carter, Nkang and Houston. I like Carter and Wallace's chances to make team.

DLine --- Brown is a for sure, Odell Willis, Phillip Hunt, Dorian Smith, Oramasionwu and Oduwole are all good player's and should have the inside track but Chandler and R.Willis are also promising, i like Chandler's chances.

Well that is my take, as we all know this is the CFL and anyone can surprise (see Hefney last season), this will be a highly competetive camp at all positions!!

LETS GET IT ON!!! :rockin:

lol good topic. weathers been so nice it feels like they should have been playing already for a month.

just weird.

ill get back to you after a see a practise or 2 or 3 :slight_smile:

cuz youtube videos are greatt and all, but they are highlight videos so im not too familliar with every player.

actually never heard of a few..

ill just say this righht now

pierce,jyles,dimichele,brink = best present and future we have had in YEARS if not ever. 1-4 we are stronger than everytime in the league outside of id say montreal and maybe bc. i dont put ray,mass in there cuz mass only plays when the esks are being murdered and he's an old old man already and i dont put glenn,porter in there because well, regardless of what ticat fans say and tsn says.. porter sucked last year hard and glenn was just average but better than a mike kelly, michael bishop offense but kelly and bishop are unemployed. wonder how the team would have done last year if bishop had a training camp behind him, oh well. last year is done :slight_smile:

no looking back, time to look forward, new stadium coming, new regime running the bombers, lots of potential here with this team, its a good time to be a bomber fan.

I just noticed a typo in my original post under the RB spot, it reads "I would be surprised to see Reid and Bernard as starter's come opening day". I meant to say I would be very surprised NOT to see Reid and Bernard as starters on opening day!!


I am loving it, Stadium parking lot is busy and a bunch of player's are already in town learning the CFL game i assume, my son was happy to meet Milt when he was holding his JR. Camp at the Stadium, got his autograph and my son is the happiest kid in the world. Funny story i was going to tell last week, when me and my son and his friend met Milt and Kevin Glenn in the parking lot last week, Milt was being Milt when my son asked who the guy was with him, Milt replied Charlie Roberts, my son then said after getting Milts autograph that he should get "Charlies Autograph", little did my naive son know Milt was razzing him and it was really Kevin Glenn With him during his mini-camp. Asked Milt what he thought about Buck being here, he said it will be great if he stays healthy, don't think Kevin liked that too much, but he is a pro, right? :rockin:

I will go out on a limb and say that Brink or DiMichele turn some heads.

il go further and say its dimichele, and that he’l be number 2 heading into the season

New players I think will impress:

Recievers: DJ Hall, Terrance Jeffers-Harris, Will Franklin. Will only keep two of them though. Jabari Arthur and Corey Watson as well

DB's: Clint Kent, Bernard Hicks, Lavar Glover and Brandon Stewart(although hes not really new)

LB's: Gonna go out on a limb and say Chad Nkang will start at WILL and do very well. others to impress are Rian Wallace, Henti Baird and draft pick Chris Smith

O-line: Chris Kowalczuk will probably move inside, and succeed and push to start. Kelly Butler And Andre Douglas will do well, but struggle to make to team due to their import status. and a Guy who isnt new, but I think will do well once given a shot is Luke Fritz

QB's: everyone knows Buck's the starter, but I think It will be a huge battle for #2 between Jyles and DiMichele

Safety, Dline and RB's are all locks already

That's my thinking too...I'm looking for Brink to turn some heads...must be some reason why they signed him and released Santos...

The guessing game continues. You have a team full of question marks.

That's the point of the topic Einstein.

....well that's better than having a team, like yours, with NO answers :lol: you sound to me like you're getting a bit worried there, two and out... :lol:

.....I believe a couple of our newly acquired o line guys will surprise and shine...Butler and Hashem.....watch these guys for starters. :wink:

Good point...I almost forgot about those two...looking forward to seein' em in camp!

LOL ... I think On In Two has been dropped on his head one to many times as a baby!!

The position that will be the most competetive will be reciever in my opinion, i like the looks of Hall, Franklin and Jeffers-Harris as well but i will go out on a limb and say Strickland makes a great impression at reciever and Shelton will push hard for the KR/PR position, will be a fight to the finish and i still believe NO ONE except maybe Bowman is a lock at reciever, i even expect Edwards to be pushed hard.

I also like the chances of Butler (OL) and Chandler (DL) and in the secondary on the corner's JJ and Glover are pretty much locks, DB and LB will see a surprise or 2, i expect Thaine Carter and Brandon Stewart to make a BIG push to start.

QB will be fun to watch, we all know Buck is starter and We all agree that DiMichele will surprise many and give Jyles a good run, and the promise of Brink only makes this battle that much more exciting!!!

......AND ...if you take a good look at the qbs. vying for a spot....you can proably see why Santos was not going to get a shot here....I didn't know about his refusing to take a pr position.....????That didn't help him for sure... :roll:

.....Jeffers-Harris is very intriguing....and this kid Shelton can fly....Things will definitely get interesting in the next few weeks... :rockin:

based on pure skill and athletic ability id love to see shelton make the team, if you watch his lengthy highlight videos, he was used for everything, running, reverses, dump passes, screens, in the slot etc.... im not so sure hes a pure receiever type, and is not very big... so guys like franklin and jeffers harris may have the advantage there... but depending on what kind of offence lapo has drawn up he looks like he could be a real ultility type player, and with that speed could def be an impact return man to help JJ.

interesting read... looks like a few problems might have hurt dj halls future in the nfl

[url=http://www.fftoolbox.com/nfl_draft/profile_display.cfm?prospect_id=1322]http://www.fftoolbox.com/nfl_draft/prof ... ct_id=1322[/url]

dont be surprised if will franklin makes a splash either... still very young, 4.37 forty time...was over looked in a high powered missou offense (mostly cause of maclin) but yet was drafted by the chiefs, and the lions and raiders both brought him in for looks... seems teams saw the potential but he never quite lived up to it, and behind the higher draft pics and vets he prob didnt get a great number of reps either... cfl could be a great place for him to get some touches and shine