Which market is more imp. to advertisers, Ottawa or Halifax?

With all this talk of maybe the Gades going under, I am wondering what advertisers see as a more important CFL market, Ottawa or Halifax (or actually any other eastern city that is a possiblity ie. Quebec City, Moncton).
I am wondering if the loss of Ottawa, if Halifax gets in at some point, is important or otherwise to advertisers.

Hallifax....advertisers can reach the 18-34 demographic from coast-to-coast...CFL fans in ottawa would watch the argos, ti-cats or alouettes.

a Halifax team would turn on viewers in all of atlantic canada, be it, newfoundland, NB, NS, PEI....and the CFL could get sponsors who are based in atlantic canada...Mcain, or alexander kieths beer.

ottawa's corporate sponsors are the same sponsors based in toronto....so they wouldnt leave.

as it is now, ottawa doesnt have high attendance or tv viewers, so the loss of ottawa would be 1 step back and 4 steps foward with Halifax.

even if u move the Gades to QC....its all in perspective...ottawa fans are disappointed with a 7-11 record cuz its 30 years since a winning team...move that same team to QC, and they'd be happy to have a team thats 7-11 in thier first season, and able to beat the hated Als atleast once per season.

Interesting DG. I see your point about the corporate sponsors being based in Toronto. Like your 1 step backward and 4 steps forward analysis, nice.

…good points…especially the one about the 18-34 demographic…do you have any idea how many maritimers in that age range have ventured west to find their fame and fortune?..lots…a visiting Destroyers/Admirals/Schooners/Whatever team to Commonwealth/McMahon/BC Place would draw as many fans cheering for the visiting team as an away Rider game…who cheers for Ottawa in these same stadiums when the Gades are visiting?..

Still, to lose ANY franchise, no less the 'Gades, looks bad on the league as a whole.

the NFL moves franchises all the time, and noone cares.

aslong as its a move, and not a fold, it wont hurt...especially if the move is successful.

Ottawa is a better market then Halifax Hands down. Since 90% of the people there are whiners and defeatists.

what r u talking about?....QUACK QUACK QUACK

I'm talking bout Halifax is more Hockey there Quack Quack Quack.

more hockey than ottawa?!?!....quack quack quack?

stick to trying to find a fav team...

NO this is a democracy a fan chooses a team which he or she feels like it.

Its called multi-tasking.

Whatever The rens are a weak team no matter what.

Isn't a true fan measured on supporting his/her team through the good times and bad. And not be a band wagon jumper. What, the fickel fans of Ottawa do not believe in same?

Ottawa, national Capital, enough said. I feel you need a team there to be a national league, as well as going coast to coast.

Halifax, great sport town and place for the tenth team.

KK, MLB had survived for years without a team in Washington and the CFL can survive without a team in Ottawa, but I hope this doesn’t happen.
DG is right all the way, Ottawa isn’t nearly as important to advertisers as Halifax for the reasons he mentioned. Even without Ottawa, we would still have 2 teams in Ontario whereas Halifax represents a much larger geographic area and cultural area as well.

Hamilton has a bigger culture then ottawa are you insane.The league needs ottawa like it or not the city the league need to show it can work.

jaydog, I assume you mean't to say Halifax, not Hamilton.

Come on, there is little culture in Ottawa when you get down to it, just lots of boring political types there. Sure, they are excited about the success of their Senators but wasn't it long ago that they were just about belly up if it weren't for Eugene Melynk. Halifax is something much, much larger in respect to culture of Canada's entire east coast. Maybe not the population of Ottawa but Ontario, with 2 teams in Toronto and Hamilton, the CFL would much prefer Halifax over Ottawa.
What needs to work is Halifax, not Ottawa. Both would be great but Halifax represents more of what advertisers want IMO. Remember, I'm not talking about the NHL where the NHL advertisers could care less about Halifax, the NHL doesn't represent Canadiana like the CFL does, NHL advertisers are more interested in just pure raw numbers, which Ottawa has over Halifax. But the CFL is a whole different kettle of fish to advertisers IMO. And the NHL isn't going to Halifax.

heaven forbid! I would hate for the CFL to end up like the ******* "MLB".


What a stupid and ignorant thread.