which looks the best?

im curious as to which pants the rider fans prefer...cuz i noticed that the riders started wearing the black pants for every game nomatter which jersey they were wearing.

i prefer the silver pants over the black pants.


heres the black ones.


I've always liked the black pants.

I (will or simon, whatever you call me now everybody) agree

I like the Silver. I do not like the green pants, they have worn those too.

I like the Silver for home. Black for the third jerseys is fine.

.....if, however, they are wearing their third jerseys (black ones), then the silver pants are a must.....

silver or green would work with their thrids.

Home: Black
Away: Black
thrid: silver or green

I prefer the black pants for both home and away, but the silver would be ok when they wear the black jerseys, just as long as there is green & white in some form(numbers on sweaters, or trim on the silver pants).

i like both pants black or silver with the proper top as seen on the pic above :wink: i dont like the black tops or the white pants they once had with white tops :expressionless:

Green Jerseys Black pants

see..i like the black pants with the white jersey, and the silver pants with the green.

black pants for home/away, silver for thirds.

silver for both…THEY LOOK AUESOME…i was amd you guys stopped wearing them…back in the late 90s the green pants kicked ass

the sliver is a must for the green jersies...i dont really care what they wear with the white.



but if i have to black is nice but silver is traditonal

Gotta have the silver pants. When did black become part of our color scheme? We're not known as the "Black Riders" :?

We are not known as the Silver Riders either...

but you were know as the Green Riders, and still are.

but is that a reason to have green pants? NO!

I'm confused K-KBBAP. Your avatar indicates you are a Ti-Cats fan, but your name leads me to believe you are a Bombers fan!