Which League Has the Better Quarterbacks? AFL or CFL?

This question has been on my mind for quite some time now. I go thru all the QBs profiles and still can't decide. Which league has the better quarterbacks? the Arena League or the Canadian League?

AFL QBs (no particular order)

Clint Dolezel
John Dutton
Mark Grieb
Shane Stafford
Aaron Garcia
Tony Graziani
Adrian McPherson
Joe Germaine
John Kaleo
Clint Stoerner
Sherdrick Bonner
Matt Nagy
Andy Kelly
Sonny Cumbie
Shaun King
Raymond Philyaw

CFL QBs (in no order)

Michael Bishop
Henry Burris
Anthony Calvillo
Marcus Crandell
Eric Crouch
Dave Dickenson
Kevin Glenn
Stefan Lefors
Jason Maas
Danny McManus
Mike McMahon
Jesse Palmer
Ricky Ray
Cassie Printers

I think you mean't NFL vs CFL, n'est pas? :wink:

Um, how do you draw compariosns on two tottally different types of football? I wouldn't know where to start comparisons and what to base it on.

My personal bias would be CFL,

I would also presume the CFL has better QB's, but keep in mind you ARE asking this on a CFL board ...

Also, they're two radically different types of football (I consider arena football to be a bit of a mutant child ... ). It's almost like asking if CFL QB's are better or worse than baseball pitchers.

Joe Hamilton, Shaun King and Joe Germaine might be able to play in the CFL. Other than that its no contest IMO.

you can't gauge how good an AFL QB really is, cuz his arm strength isn't on full display on that small field.

but, micheal bishop is the best QB in the AFL ( ?? ), and he's not close to being a top CFL QB....so i'm guessing CFL QB's are better.

And another way of looking at it....QBs who were busts in the CFL went on to have decent careers in the AFL, such as Kevin Mason and McDougall (forget the first name) and Tony Kimbrough.

If they make it there but can't make it here that would tend to indicate CFL QBs are better, but I'm sure it fluctuates over time. Some years the CFL is deep in quality QBs, other years not so.

I asked this same question on the AFL board also. I’ll let you know what they think after getting all the reponses. But I guess a better question would be… If you’re a quarterback, which league would you rather play in the CFL or AFL?

If you're a quarterback, which league would you rather play in the CFL or AFL?
if the money is about the same, 9 of 10 american QBs will pick AFL.

Is this a serious question?

CFL baby!

This is a pretty dumb question not even worth choosing.

I dont know if its just me, but I dont know any of the names on the AFL list. I would have to choose the CFL ones.

Michael Bishop would have the strongest arm in both leagues probably, but you would be hard pressed to find even one qb in the AFL who could match the 8 starters and a few back ups in the CFL......CFL in a landslide.

First of how can you determine the abilities of a QB throwing passes in a hockey arena versus a large field of the CFL. This is rather dumb do you not agree. Most QB's in the AFL are there because they have weak arms. I am sure there are a couple of guys that could throw on an NFL field. The real test would be throwing sideline to sideline. No seriously how can any one make a comparison. This thread is useless. Ya I know no one twisted my arm to read it or post on it. :oops:

Michael Bishop is no where near the best QB in the AFL, in fact he's a backup. I'd say John Dutton or Mark Grieb are the best in the league. AFL qb's may lack the arm strength of most CFL qb's but make up for it in accuracy. On a 50 yard field, less than 25 yards wide, you need pinpoint accuracy or you'll end up with an INT or a cream-colored football in the 10th row.

Its an unanswerable question. Some of those here who say that since certain AFL QBs have been busts in the CFL therefore the CFL must have better QBs are the same people who say its not fair to make the same comparison between those CFL QBs who have busted in the NFL.

Who cares? Arena league isn’t even real football.

the AFL is a joke..

they want real football, not AFL. you don't need a strong arm in the AFL.. the longest you'd ever throw is 50 yds for pete's sake!

Your list of CFL QB's was pretty selective, like not listing the 2nd highest rated passer in the CFL? And let's don't forget about Mike Quinn... :stuck_out_tongue:

Subjectively, I would rate CFL QB's as twice as good as Arena pivots. If you can play QB in the CFL, you can play anywhere. The same cannot be said for other leagues.

If you can play QB in the CFL, you can play anywhere
really? Why didnt DD make it in the NFL, or Burris, or Ray, or....( a whole bunch of other CFL Starters who couldnt make it in the NFL over the last 40+ yrs, whose names I cant remember right now, but I am sure others can)