Which is your favourite CFL logo?

In order

2003 - 2015
1969 - 2002
1955 - 1968

Gotta say,like 'em all except the new one.

Hate it!

The 2003-2015 one, for now. I'm personally a fan of the look of the new one and I think from how they present it's surroundings people will start to enjoy the new logo.

Like the one that they are ditching. As someone mentioned in another thread, they have designed the Division and player trophies around that logo and they are certainly unique.
I don't mind the helmet logo either. While the original one was certainly interesting and no doubt appropriate for it's time, it is too busy for today's market. The new one IMO is a bit too simplistic and needs to be bolder in its colour as the grey just too bland.

Guess they couldn’t get the rights to this one?