Which is the more "manly" sport?

Seeing as this is a football forum there may be a slight bias here, but I have been thinking about this for a while and I thought I'd leave this question for debate amogsnt the panel of cfl.ca forum experts:

Which is a more manly sport - football, or hockey?

Please state your reasons why...

Football, as there is a far greater ratio of men to women playing the sport. Therefore, it is more manly.

football. in hockey you get a penalty for and sort of tackling or phsical nature. plus every hockey player wears a jock. barely any football players wear them

Valid points, but you can be a sissy and run out of bounds in football...

In hockey there's nowhere to run and you get crushed against the boards...

In football your on a grassy surface which creates for a soft landing. In hockey you get slammed against the boards, or against the ice. I've played both, and I'd say hockey is tougher.

wouldn't hockey players wearing a cup make it more of a manly sport since women don't need a cup yogi?

I've played both and I would say football you get hit harder, but in hockey you get hit more (at least for me, this would not be true of a linemen) as I was a DB and a Defencemen.
This is too hard to say

.....yeah, I agree with Bill, I've played both and found in football there's like 90% standing/running/jumpnig around and 10% massive to semi-uncomfortable collisions whereas in hockey there's maybe a 50/50 ratio of skating around and contact.....maybe I'm wrong on those hard numbers, but the point is the same.....plus, getting hit by a thirty mile per hour leather ball full of air is nowhere close to getting hit by a seventy mile an hour frozen chunk of vulcanized rubber........they're both tough, but different.....

football...you can only play one game a week for a reasn

plus that volcanized rubber, is being shot around with questionable accuracy, many times intentionally cup height

Football players wear jocks too. But back to your question. Really can't compare the two. I played both for years and their both "manly". Different sports, different situations, different comparisons. In hockey my position was goalie. And having that 6 1/2 ounce frozen puck coming at you for about 30-40 shots a game is no picnic.

On the other hand in Football my position was reciever, and it's no picnic either coming across the middle trying to bring down a high thrown pass with your ribs exposed like a pig in a slaughter house.

Again dif. sports, dif. comparisons, Both Manly.

Apples and Oranges.

Played both at a minor level. (Hockey- Defenseman, Football Slotback, Def back) Both have their manley pro's and cons.

Now if you compared Baseball to Football....Football hands down. (You can only rub your crotch and spit chew so many times...)

DUDE NO IM CANADIAN I PLAY HOCKEY AND HOCKEY IS SOO AWESOME AND HOCKEY IS THE BEST CRAZIEST KEWLEST SPORT...HOCKEY IS NUTS HERE IN CANADA YOU SHOULD BE ASKING WHATS MORE MANLY FOOTBALL OR CANADIAN HOCKEY OR FOOTBALL OR AMERICAN PUSSY HOckey...IVE BEEN IN GAMES LIKE !5 -18 YEAR OLDS PLAYING AND ITS NUTS ITS SOOO CRAZY...BENCH BRAWLS...BIG FIGHT.....dude my friend got slashed in the throat by this dirty player and he was down on the ice for 2 minutes couldnt breathe...next shift hes you know tought canadian lad goes out next shift jsut smokes that other player lays him out..endes up breaking his collar bone and his shoulder blade...all this happened in one game..and players purporsly getting kicked out of the game to fight to go to a party...anways ok you go to the arena its -40 outside everyone in the small town up north all siping a tim hortons coffee and then the song comes on like ac-dc or maybe hockey night in canada or troper raise a little helll then the team from out of town you know looking good in the latest new equipment like brand new Synergy stick like $300 anyways so this awesome music is playing and you see like 25 guys skating around geting warmed up then like a domino effect taking slapshiot one after the other some deflecting up on the post or on too the glass so it gets scary sitting behind the net in the arena...and then these boys getting warmed up getting raady to fight and play some good ol time hockey...and i mean every frigen play in football theres an injury...and it shows the replay and all it was is this non athletic fat puusy who turned to fast and like pulled something so that american p7ssy jsut sits his ass down on the field makes everyone wait...no in Hockey Canadian boys afte the get smoked the get up and start a fight were awesome....and I played tackled football no helmut ( the canadian way) and its nothign it seruously doesnt hurt its no big desal...and in Hockey i broke my ankle and my arm....also in Hockely ur getting slammed into the boards by someone who is skating faster then someone can run sooo! exactly my point hockey is more manly than any other sport...bottom line Canadians are awesome and were tough. I hope you guys agree

This is a tough one. Both sports a tough. Football your being tackled on grass (well at Commenwealth anyways) which is soft. And even the turf at the skydome as hard as it is......is softer then ice in hockey rinks. Unless there playing in Dallas in the playoffs. Then the ice gets fairly soft. BUt i dont know this is a tough one. Hockey is a faster game just because u can go a lot faster on skates then u can on your feet. Plus they cant go out of bounds. There being hit either into the boards or onto the ice. But in football if your a reciever going through the middle of linebackers and safeties jsut waiting for that ball to be thrown to you. Your gonna get hit a lot harder then any player in hockey does. Unless your Eric Lindros then every hit is a hard hit. Overall there both rough sports to play and there both fun to play. BUt i'll always like football more. And in the end footballs got a lot more hard hits in it then hockey does. But in hockey you get hit a lot more.

Geez thats tough...the Stony mountain pen vs Alcratraz bandits... in a hockey..... football double header..score was 10-9 before the lockdown

But...if you want to talk "manly" then you HAVE to throw Pro. Indoor Lacrosse into the mix! Crosschecking is LEGAL,the ball is harder and weighs more than a puck, they have boards too, AND they wear no protective gear below the waist save for the jock and cup. I have seen a goalie get knocked out cold from a shot to the head...and his face mask was on!!

Uh Billy, Female hockey players wear a "Jill Strap"

Don't ask me where I know that piece of information....You don't want to know.

Yes that is a tough sport also Aussie rules football no pads ouch.

pretty much when it comes to contact sports, women wear the same protective equipment that men do, in fact they might wear a little more depending on the sport ie: Boxing.

HITTING is a requirement in football whereas hockey, it's optional. A finess skater can ballet his way around the rink vitually untouched, especially in international-sized rink. So hands down, football.

Let's agree that both hockey and football have their good points to why which sport is tougher, so let's say it's a tie with the contact. But with hockey allowing fist-fighting, I give hockey the trophy, cause most sports don't condone fighting. Hockey accepts this as part of the game and they know players need to get their emotions out with a nice black eye or a good bloody nose or even a huge purple lip.