Which is the correct attendance?

Hello Roughrider fans!

Can any of you help me with the correct attendance figure for yesterdays game versus Winnipeg? I have seen 2 different figures, CFL.ca lists 30,985 and Slam Sports, The Winnipeg Free Press and The Leader Post all listed 30,945. I know it's not a huge difference but I do keep track of all the attendance figures and would like to have the correct one. Thanks

I'd go with the CFL one. It may not be the "correct" attendance but it is the "official" one.

Ya go with the CFL

Thanks, that is what I have done.

The CFL one is wrong. The temporary stands increased attendance by 2145. Bringing the max from 28,800 to 30,945. They also annouced the 30,945 figure at Taylor Field on game day.

Thanks Saskie

Shhh. That extra 40 people per game - their tickets fund our SMS excesses.....

There might well have been an extra 40 people, Suitor did joke that the Riders might send the fire marshal home and squeeze a few extra in.

Maybe TSN paid for tickets when they brought their entire broadcast crew to the game. We know they brought at least 4 extra chairs for the panel.