Which is the better opportunity?

Just for a little fun until the Grey Cup starts...... Let's say that you are a businessman of some means and you wanted to purchase a CFL team. Which would offer the greatest opportunity and challenge? A) The Toronto Argonauts or B) Expansion Team in Atlantic Canada. Toronto offers a large, wealthy market of unlimited potential, yet the fan base seems indifferent and more interested in the NFL than the CFL. Toronto also has major competition for corporate dollars from three other major league sports. Atlantic Canada is an unknown. Is the market big enough and rich enough to support a professional team. There is no other major league competition, so there is the opportunity to build a passionate fan base. Toronto has a long storied history to build upon while Atlantic Canada is brand new, starting from scratch. Assuming both locations have workable stadiums, where would you choose to invest your dollars? Which is the better opportunity?

I'd say Atlantic Canada.
The apathy in the Center Of The Universe is too ingrained. Plus you would be starting in a hole marketing wise.

The Maritimes offer a fresh start, plus the novelty factor to jump start the business plan. Also, the expansion draft format in the CFL gives you a shot at a competitive product sooner. Exclusivity of professional sports options helps too.

Most importantly, you get to live in a place that is not Toronto.

A team in Halifax or wherever would require a stadium. ...which is never getting built. Thus, I'm buying the Argos.

If, as you say, both have stadiums, I'd probably prefer Halifax and building from the ground up. My team name, my colour choice, my expansion roster picks, etc.

But, if stadiums are all built, I might pick Quebec City over either Toronto or Halifax.
Same reasons for Halifax but a natural rivalry with Montreal and Ottawa.

I would b uy the argos and move them to markham. If I could, I would build my own 35000 seat stadium.

First rule of business: always follow the money. And since the Centre of the Universe is where the money's at, I'll take the Argos thank you very much. The trick then would be to create a fan experience directed specifically at the actual fanbase, as opposed to the theoretical one they're always talking about.

How about buying the Argos and moving them to Halifax? :smiley: :cowboy:

The Argos are the better opportunity by a mile. Atlantic Canada, while picturesque and having wonderful people, is an economically-depressed region with few prospects of improvement. The unemployment rate is high and the average wage is low. The population base is dwindling and spread out over many small towns and cities. Has there ever been a sports franchise in Atlantic Canada (other than perhaps Junior hockey)?

Another problem is the lack of a stadium in Atlantic Canada.

Toronto has a newly-renovated 27,600-seat football stadium downtown with fully covered seats, great sight-lines and a natural grass field. The Argos were purchased by the principles of MLSE, one of the most successful sports organizations in the world (at least financially.)

The extended Toronto market has a population of 7.6 million and is Canada’s media and corporate hub. The Maritimes…not so much. :wink:

I'd be all over the Argonauts. I have 2 mid-size posts in the "Atlantic Schooners" thread (toward the end of it) that explain why Halifax - Moncton is sterile football territory. Suffice it to say here, 31 years since they first could have had a team in 1984 and they have done..... drum roll....... nothing at all.

And for the show stopper.... a councilor for Halifax says (paraphrased) "We might look at a 10 to 14 000 seat stadium (inadequate for CFL from the start) TEN YEARS FROM NOW" !

If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about Halifax's viability as a future CFL market, I don't know what to tell you. The mega-rich Irvings and McCains won't touch a franchise and they didn't GET rich by being stupid about money and business opportunities.

There is lots of room all throughout the GTA where the Argos might be able to "pitch their tent" and do well. BMO is a good starting place and if it failed there, one could try going to Markham (as previously suggested) or Missisauga, to name two.

I'd be all over Toronto without so much as a backwards wink at a city that cares nothing for football. JMHO.

Maritimes has no stadium, tiny populations in cities spread far apart and virtually no corporate head offices. And some think that's a better financial opportunity than Toronto?

The Argos have been allowed to rot with an absentee owner not willing to market the team, but with new owners and the new stadium there is exponentially more potential than Atlantic Canada would have even if it had a BMO Field of its own.

Do the Atlantic owners get two Grey Cups in ten years for this choice?