Which is easier to build a team in, CFL/NFL to NHL?

I am wondering if people think it is easier or not to build a winning team in the CFL or NFL and the NHL, and I don't mean anything to do with the number of teams that each league has but rather more football compared to hockey in general. I can see though that the NFL is a different issue than the CFL due to no import rule and availability of more Americans, so this could be a different argument. I am still thinking about this so I don't even have concrete thoughts to write yet. But I thought it might be an interesting question.

NFL hands down because of no ratio and easy free agent movement. The Lions were able to start 3 good Canadian recievers and were able to rebuild their O Line with imports. Most CFL teams don't have that luxury. The NHL is still a league you build through the draft

I tend to agree with you Shawn. No guaranteed contracts in the NFL also makes it easy to bring guys in when you want and not sign them.