Which is better, or worse....

so, you have been a season ticket holder for 10 yrs now. During that 10 yrs, one of two things happened

1 - team made the playoffs every yr, second 4 times, 1st 3 times, went to the cup 1 time, didnt win.

2 - team missed the playoffs 4 times, went to the cup 3 times, won cup twice and you were there both times.

which is best???

2 by far.

Edit: I mean 2 is way, way better.

Definitely scenario #2.

option two. no doubt.

any athlete gets it - there's one goal, and that's winning the championship. anything less is not acceptable.

who cares if you make the playoffs? you gotta win. think Chicago Cubs.

but, in favor of option one, if you are a paying fan, you probably go home happy from way more games??

Would you rather be the Buffalo Bills of the 1990's, or the Roughriders of 2007?

Gimme a case of memory amnesia where i don't remember 1990-2006, and i'd take the 2007 Riders

...it's funny 'cuz it's true...

Gotta be option #2. To go and watch your team win the Grey Cup in person must be unbeliveable

so you guys seem to be saying that suffering through a number of really bad yrs are worth it when you finally get that cup again???

If you ask an owner of a team which is better I'm sure they would take #1.
The Alouttes have been to almost every Eastern Final since 96.... yet only won ONE cup..... they have a waiting list for tickets.
The pre Buono Lions had won two cups in six years and couldn't draw flies.... Why... cause between 94 and 2000 and after 2000 they were average at best.missing the playoffs a couple of times I believe.