Which is a better seat?

Gold tickets:

40 Yrd line upper bowl - 2cd row
40 Yrd line lower bowl - half way up (row AA-DD)

Opinions? I'm debating between the two for the western conference final.

I'm thinking it doesn't matter which tickets I buy, I'd be sitting there thinking the other ones would be better, just thought I'd toss it out there and get other opinions.


I've always liked the upper bowl. When I lived in the Lower Mainland and had season tickets in the 80's, Our seats were on the first row in the upper deck. I loved them! The seats that my son gets in the lower bowl are okay to, but up top, you can really notice the pass patterns being run.

That was kind of what I was thinking.......My shared season tixs are lower bowl around the 15 yrd line, I love them, but thinking upper bowl might bring a new perspective to the game.

Any others have thoughts to share?

Personally, I'd take the lower bowl 40 yard line seats. I like upper bowls only if they are compared to lower bowls in the end zone or near the corner.

i'd take the lower bowl too.... if it was in the first 10 or so rows in the lower bowl then i'd go for the upper bowl because it's sometimes hard to see end to end from the lower half in the lower bowl... but once you get about half way up the lower bowl you can see end to end just fine.

Lower bowl for sure.