Which Injured Bombers Are Likely To Return This Season?

Tough year for injuries as we all know, but out of all the injuries who is most likely to return this season now that some guys on the 9 game are eligible to play. Does anyone have any officil info on a possible return date for these guys?

1 GAME IR ---- TJH, Watson, Douglas, Sakoda? TJH is the biggest name on this list and i have heard two diferent stories regarding his return date, some say he is close to returning and others say another 3-5 weeks, what's the latest? How about Watson and Douglas? No offense but i think we should stick with the Canadian kid Palardy over Sakoda so I feel Sakoda will be moved to the PR when healthy at best.

9 GAME IR ---- January, Donnelly, Craver, Jules, Gallant and Cvetkovic? As far as i know Craver is out for the season as is January, how about Donnelly, Jules, Gallant and Cvetkovic? Or oline is ok but the return of Donnelly would be a bonus (same with January) any of these 2 going to see the field ths season? Jules/Gallant are basically ST player's but reliablen in that department and Inglis has done a damn good job as L/S SO if Cvet returns whats going to happen to Inglis?

Just wanted to try and figure out who may be cut or traded when any of these guys return?

January has said the earliest he could possibly be back is the last week of the season. Cvetkovic is out for the season. Jules broke his leg and I haven't heard about whether he will be back this season or not. I'm not sure whether Donnelly is injured or not but I think others will be playing on the o-line before he's back. Gallant had knee problems and I haven't heard if or when he'll be back this season.

TJH and Douglas might be back for the Banjo Bowl or the week after. Sakoda is a couple of weeks away.

I think the only one who could possibly be released this season is Sakoda.

Apparently Lapo said on the radio tonight that TJH is 3-4 weeks away still.

Yes LaPo stated TJH is out for a few weeks yet, said we'll start at 3 weeks and see what happens basically. Douglas may be back for the Banjo Bowl and Sakoda is out another 2 weeks. That's the injury update straight from the horses mouth. :roll:

LaPo also stated that Donnelly is healthy but will be put on the PR ....

everyone figured TJH was on his way back because his boot was removed. That only meant he had sufficient healing that it was safe for him to walk around on his foot. That’s a far cry from running at full speed and cutting like he needs to be able to do. My guess is either of the 2 BC games at the start of October.

We will probably see Douglas back, unless the new Imp OL that came this week, Winn, stands out in practice and gets a shot. I’m not sure if LaPo is happy with his play or not, but if you can upgrade, especially on the line, why not. Gallant I would say 50-50. Our special teams coverage has been pretty good over the last while, so there’s probably no rush on him, unless Logan gets dinged up again. I think Craver can come off the 9 game before the end of the season, but unless the record turns around they probably leave him on off. Sakoda may get his kicks in unless Palardy can stay consistent over the next few weeks and battles him well in practice once sakoda is healthy. If there isn’t much difference between the 2 in practice might as well keep the canuck. Cvetkovic, Jules, and Janurary won’t likely see the field at all this year, even in healthy unless the team gets a playoff shot and they need the bodies because of other injuries.