Which Head Coach is the biggest Knob

Maas gets my vote.

Corky would be the betting favourite but he's losing like its going out of style.

So its either Dumbo or Shovelface . . . . . O'Shea a close 3rd, closing on the pack but like Cherry Corky he sports a career .415 winning percentage - so like Jacques LaLaine in Montreal he's an ant.

Dickenson & Wally have their moments but both r proven winners!

Like Stylish Lyle the Bomberino poet said: Corky Jones and Shovelface are far and away the top contenders! :smiley:

Good points, just found an on-line article on whats so wrong with the CFL, posted it as notes to The Commish.
Writer claims Corky claims Dave Dick designs plays to draw contact away from the ball to ensure he has an available challenge.
That crap has got to get removed from this great game.
Mentioned this to a family member, he notes Dickenson is a traditional Welsh name meaning "your father was a dick and as are you".....

.....Corky 'Cash' Jones is right up there but Austin has to be breathing down his neck...Now Johnny Cash always said the reason he dresses in black is because there's so much wrong with the world that he didn't think it was appropriate to dress up in colours...Don't know what Corky's excuse is but if he's doing it because of 'wrong' in the world he might start looking at his club and he'll see a lot of 'wrong'...heh heh... Both Jones and Austin will never win any popularity contests...Mike O could win one with his players...a lot of others...not so much :rockin:

Maas gets my vote, again.

Dickinson is always whining to the refs, and they rarely lose. Very annoying as he can set the standard for class as they rarely lose. Mass and Austin tied for second. Campbell seems to complain slot as well but that is because his team sucks now.


  1. Maas - by a longshot
  2. Porky Jones - not as bad as if he were winning
  3. Shovelface Austin - now replaced by G.I. Jones
  4. Dave Dick - permanent yap mode; but a harmless sideline chihauaha
  5. Wally - chewing his cud, chewing out refs but seems to have a FREE PASS to step on field of play
  6. Porky Campbell - mostly a decent guy on the sidelines
  7. Mike O'Shea - shorts as a fashion statement his highest crime, otherwise passive
  8. Rabbi Trestman - mostly introverted as far as ref-yapping concerned
  9. Jacques Chapdelaine - a non-entity; enjoy your last year of head coaching Jocko

Rabbi Trestman....LOL....send him to the wailing wall...Too passive to be a front runner for this award....Maas has cinched it after last nights performance of 'To kill a Listening Device'...Austin has gone into hiding and won't be hand slapping any officials anytime soon.... Cocky Corky only foams at the mouth to his players...he jumps them first and usually yells at the refs walking away.... Tricky Dicky in Cal. does a lot of yelling but the refs don't take him too serious and think he belongs in a cartoon...Jacques Chirac in Mont. has the temper of a field mouse and Campbell is behind him and they both belong in the movie 'Look Back in Anger' cuz that's all they do...Now I think Mike O is an Irishman and I would never want to see him lose it like Jason did...That would not be a pretty sight and he is remarkably restrained...Wally the Cannoli man has been around a long time and knows how to agitate the refs by wandering to centre field with a dangerous squint...The officials have learned how to handle Wally largely by ignoring him until he goes away..Too early to critique June Jones..sooooooooo the coach pulling away for the coveted 'knob' award is wearing green and gold...I think he might have cinched it last night....

I think G.I. Jane in Hamilton might be a candidate to challenge Muffer Maas - but not until he's got his footing under him in Hamilton and things take a turn for the worse.

Worst demeanour from coaches I've seen in the last 50 years:

  1. Maas
  2. Rainman Huard, Leo Cahill (tie)
  3. Maggot Kelly (aka Mike Kelly)
  4. Shovelface Austin
  5. Kavis Reed, aka Mr. Consequences
  6. Wally Buono
  7. Doug Berry
  8. Joe Galat
  9. Jim Spavital
  10. Champ Chamblin
  11. Sewer Rat Benevides
  12. Bucky Beever
  13. Jack Gotta
  14. Jim Trimble
  15. Wayne Skrien

Most timid CFL coaches of all-time = Hugh Campbell, Bud Grant, Tom Higgins, Bruce Lemmerman, Pinner Clemons, Trestman, Ricky 'The Dragon' Campbell, Ron Lancaster (especially his Sask'n years), Timid Tim Burke, Urban Bowman, Dave Ritchie.

Jason Maas, again.

C'mon, did you see Maas go off on his Team's Coach? On the air, in front of the players and fans??
I'll predict he's charged with road rage driving home after a loss....he needs to have a good mechanic tighten his screws.

The guy he went after was former bombers linebacking coach Cory McDermid - a bit of a hot-tempered guy in his own right. Maas really bit off most of McDermid's face - it was kinda upsetting to watch!

Glad to see it fixed for 2018.

Bombers worked that rule as well as anyone.

Could have called that play "The Dressler"

Dug up this old thread, and I'm amending my gold medalist.
Dave Dick's "f'ing Canadian" rises him to the top.

nahh, you were right the first time

I disagree. Dave Dick gets my vote.


As of today. Chris Jones by a country mile. lol