Which has the loudest Staduim in the CFL?

That is the question of the TSN friday night football.

That's easy, it's Winnipeg Stadium! :smiley: I rank the rest later! :wink:

A large crowd at BC Place will be loud because of the way sound bounces around ( just go to a rock concert there, the sound continues for about 5 minutes after they stop playing).

leeinq - you have to have people in the stands to actually make the noise though. this is a question to ask the players not the fans!

Is it just me, or does BC place look dirty?!?

BC sounds quiet tongiht

seems BC fans atticepate an eary win tonight. I would not count my chikens yet...

I agree. It looks like it smells bad. :?

And Taylor Field takes it!!! :smiley:

Taylor Field is the loudest because we have the best fans and a great stadium. I realised in the game tonight the only time the Alouette fans made noise was when the intercom dude yelled "Make some noi-oise"


Taylor Field is by far the loudest :smiley:

...winnipeg was pretty loud last nite

McGill Stadium can get pretty loud.

No question. Ask any player: it's BC Place.

The reason is that the building is structured in such a way that any noise at all echoes back onto the field. So even a crowd of 20,000 can be deafening if they all get going.

The open-air stadiums don't compare to BC Place for volume. Skydome is the only other contained stadium, but its shape is different, and the sound is more evenly dispersed. Plus, the roof is often open.

The only reason Taylor Field won their little "poll" was that Rider fans respond to those polls more than other fans do. I guess when you can't win Grey Cups, you feel you have to win SOMETHING. :mrgreen:

As much as I hate to say it BigDave is right. The indoor stadium just echoes and Rider fans vote for anything to do with the Riders.

And how right you are. BC Place's ceiling is covered in stains. The air is very muggy and stale in there too. I hate BC Place. I wouldnt be surprised if it is the loudest(I saw a game last year with around 22,000 people, and it sounded like 60,000), but that's all because of how the noise bounces off the walls. BC Place sucks a fat one...

Obviously its TAYLOR FIELD,,, i mean with a team like the riders who wouldnt frickin be loud for them!!! you can put them in the gayest stadiums in canada such as calgarys er somethin and it would be loud!! its all about whos playing,,, and with a team like the riders of course your gonna be frickin loud for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHA Dave… good one :lol:

I agree… without a doubt BC Place is the loudest… at least when fans there want it to be… was a bit quiet tonight for 27,500… but if you were at the west final last year (or at any of the games in the 80’s) you’ll know how loud the dome gets… can’t be beat.

and THIS is the stadium where they are going to host the opening and closing ceremolnies??? They need to clean it up for it!!!

  1. Winnipeg Stadium (my team and were the best! wait untill the Grey Cup in 2006!)
  2. Huskie Stadium (gets the sypatily vote)
  3. BC Place (cuz it's inclosed)
  4. Taylor Fleid (cuz the rider fans are CRAZY)
  5. Iron Waye Stadium (Hamliton only pro team so must be loud)
  6. Commonweath Stadium (big and bad for a visting team)
  7. Mchagn Stadium (middle of the road)
  8. Frank Chair Stadium (great place, but still middle of the road)
  9. Rogers Center (cuz the frist rows are covered by Argo stuff :? )
  10. Big O (nobody is there! :lol: )
  11. Molson Stadium (great Uni stadium and the place can rock, but too small for a city of Montreal's size)