Which Grey Cup matchup would draw best on t.v.?

Which would draw best on t.v. for the Grey Cup?

  1. Montreal vs. B.C.
  2. Montreal vs. Calgary
  3. Toronto vs. B.C.
  4. Toronto vs. Calgary

Saskatchewan vs anybody. :lol:

Of what's left, I'm going Montreal vs BC. Big RDS number, a rivalry, and the best matchup available.

I agree it would be Montreal and anybody that would get the best ratings. The RDS ratings were down i think the number was 800,000 in 2011 without Montreal in it. Quebec is ovbiously unique to the other provinces as it is a majority french and there are people in Quebec only watch the CFL for there province team Montreal. This however could begin to change as RDS has just began to show other games that do not include montreal on RDS or RDS2

I think the closest game will draw the largest audience overall. If it's close at the end of the 3rd I'll bet the audience will be a record.

Whoever BC plays. The Lions had the highest TV ratings on TSN this year.

All 4 remaining cities are large enough that im not sure the right answer.

Toronto being in the final in their own city might get the argos a lot of buzz in the media and lots of viewers. So, im guessing the argos might be the best draw against either western team.

There seems to be many sick of seeing the als in the big game, but i dont know if that affects the ratings. Do people choose to skip the game just because the als are in it?

Vancouver and calgary are both large cities with passionate fans. Vancouver might draw people looking to see if they can repeat.

A Toronto vs. B.C. matchup would interest the most TV viewers, I think, with Toronto and Vancouver being the largest and 3rd largest cities in Canada. With the 100th Grey Cup taking place in Sky Dome, I think it would really ignite the Greater Toronto area if the Argos were in it.

I think people are sick and tired of seeing Montreal in the Grey Cup by default. Seeing an unchallenged Eastern representative in the Grey Cup has been a Western irritation for almost my entire life. You fight like a dog in the West and if you're lucky, you'll get a playoff spot. Nobody in the West assumes they'll be in the Grey Cup. That was especially true when the West had 5 teams instead of 4. The crossover rule was made because of a weak Eastern Division.

Since Winnipeg was put in the East Division, it's been more fair for all teams, but Winnipeg seems to have lowered its game to Eastern standards, unfortunately.

Probably BC and Toronto because they are the largest markets remaining based on average attendance.

Milanovich becoming the Toronto HC Montreal will now have some steady competition year in and year out. If Trestman continues in Montreal you will begin to see the coaching disciples coming out of Montreal and soon Toronto having a Bill Walsh 49ers West coast Offense begin to form in the East That will bring the East up in credibility. I would like to see Toronto it would bring more viewers from the GTA with the home team in the 100th and would make up for the loss of Montreal fans on RDS. Even with Jon Cornish possibily becoming the 1st Canadain to be MOP is years the Lions and Lulay as someone mentioned had the best ratings on TSN all year and the chance to repeat will draw out more from Vancouver especially since they won at home last year. With the comforts of BC Place the Lions are just better and everyone knows it and everyone wants to see the best team. More Edmonton people may watch due to Ricky Ray so maybe this is the year that the Montreal and RDS effect will not come into play. With different teams other than Montreal on RDS and RDS2 it will be the beginning of the Quebec Fans being CFL fans and not just Montreal fans.
So after reading some comments I may have to change my first answer to Toronto VS BC.

actually Toronto and Montreal were even on attendance but Montreal with RDS numbers in addition to TSN has the best TV numbers in the east and BC on TSN in with west.

It doesnt matter. This will be a huge ratings bonanza for the CFL. Out west, the ratings will be there no matter what. But unlike last season, where it was essentially an all west Grey Cup, this time we have one of the two largest media markets in the country in the final showdown.

Toronto Vs BC = highest ratings

Calgary Vs Montreal = lowest ratings

RDS without Montreal gets tiny Grey Cup ratings, no viewership!!
When Montreal isn't there they don't even rate in the top 30, it's a strange market. This was from 2011 on RDS:

[url=http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_programs_french/2011/que11212011.pdf]http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_prog ... 212011.pdf[/url]

Overall Grey Cup ratings were down last year because of Winnipeg and BC

Yet in 2010, there were over 900,000 viewers on RDS for the Grey Cup

[url=http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_programs_french/2010/que11222010.pdf]http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_prog ... 222010.pdf[/url]

The best ratings are when Montreal is playing and the lowest when Toronto is playing.
Two years ago there were 6 million on TSN and 900,000 on RDS, pretty good ratings

[url=http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_programs_english/2010/nat11222010.pdf]http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_prog ... 222010.pdf[/url]

I disagree will many of the opinions, I think that as the hype builds over the next week, the city that turned the Grey Cup from a game to a festival and the city that hosted that transformational game will draw the highest ammount of interest. That would be Calgary vs Toronto.

Let's face it, outside of the Lower Mainland, nobody likes B.C. so Calgary is a shoe in for the West and Montreal can't fill the bandbox they play out of most weeks. Toronto seems to have more fans outside of the Center of the Universe than they do at home.

I think I did mention that montreal and Toronto had the same game day attendance avg but with RDS Montreal has the Higher TV audience. I mentioned that that is due to the RDS coverage of Montreal in its unique french popualred province. If Montreal is not in the game Quebec does not support the Grey cup numbers wise on RDS. With the Mostly french province only gettin their Provice team Montreal games on RDS. This season games that did not include the Als were are on RDS and RDS2. So right now the RDS ratings were down by 800,000 for last years grey cup without Montreal vs the 2010 tv Ratings.
Now that the people in the province have a Passion for the Alouettes putting non Montreal games on RDS and RDS2 the more that are shown the more people in Quebec Franco Marge will become fans of the CFL as well.
I would hope that All of Ottawa's games will also be televised on RDS would make sense with 30+% franco in the Ottawa- Gatineau metro. even id they are still Als fans right now it will be another team and a whole slate of games to open the rest of the league to create Ottawa and CFL fans among the franco population.

so far 45k tickets sold for this Sunday's ESF at the Big O with 4 days to go. Als can easily get to the 50k mark by that time and maybe more.
As for fans of TO outside that region.... just curious what are you basing that fact on?

All this talk about the ratings on RDS just shows to me, that, the CFL should be aggressively seeking an ownership group for a franchise in QC in the next few years.
If RDS had Montreal, QC and Ottawa teams to showcase, the CFL could become extremely popular in Quebec and not rely soley on the Als' presence in the Grey Cup every year to maintain interest in Quebec and for the extra TV ratings boost.

QC loves their College football but have shown no interest in the CFL. The city and any potential ownership group are focused on building their new arena and an NHL franchise.
Don’t know what the breakdown of the RDS is, whether they know how many viewers in the regions. RDS is not just in Quebec either it’s available all across Canada. Just like Quebecers can also watch TSN, there are many Quebecers that watch the CFL on TSN instead of RDS. I would be curious to see the TSN numbers in Montreal.

Exactly ! That is what i have been saying for some time now. All I ever get are reasons why it will not happen. If everyone would focus on how to make it happen you might just see something. Sooner or later Quebec City will see how small time Laval football is compared to having a pro sports market there starting with the NHL now and move to pro football and also soccer. As I mentioned in the Halifax situation with people giving reasons why it won't happen and why a stadium can not be built do to cost. BMO field with a slight addition of 4,000 seats can be built in 2012 for 80 million. Sure you need owners and funding from private sector for a stadium but both the CFL and MLS are both coming off of recent record breaking TV average audience. A Quebec City vs Montreal rivalry will be a revenue explosion every season. QC has the highest attended Junior hockey franchise in the Remparts so it is natural to move towards an NHL team they get 10,000 for the remps a game and 12-15 thou for rouge et or football. Hosting a Vanier cup is peanuts to what hosting a GREY CUP game along with the Vanier cup.

Montreal's involvement, or lack thereof, skews the overall ratings picture because of the RDS factor. Therefore I think a more meaningful question is which matchup would draw the best ratings in English on TSN. I say this order:


I know Vancouver is a bigger market than Calgary, but I think there are more diehard football fans who affiliate with the Prairies. Plus with B.C. winning last year, I think there would be a slight dropoff among casual fans in that province if they go back.