Which Game?

I can go to one more CFL game this year and have a choice of two games, which one would you recommend?

Hamilton @ BC tomorrow night
Calgary @ BC Nov 7


Neither... BC Place is a tomb... Go in a few years after Braley finally is gone.

I would go to the Hamilton game, at least BC is still fighting for a playoff spot. By Nov 7 they could be eliminated and they could be going through the motions to finish the season.
Can you make flight plans the day before?

Right now we (3) are in Vegas managing a Project. If we decide to go to the Hamilton game we would fly out of Vegas tomorrow morning and return Saturday morning on the Company plane. We would stay at the Fairmont Airport Hotel and our Host would take us to and from the game.

you know eastern teams are the most exciting this year.

and i know where youre allegiances lay.

Is it really a question? go tomorrow!

plus, the friend that can just drop what their doing to go drink good strong Canadian beer, are the ones that will be more fun to party with. Don't take the responsible ones that need to plan. squares i tells yah, squares!


There may be a better atmosphere for Calgary as it's a divisional game and a playoff spot may be riding on the outcome. Tomorrow's game may lack a little in that regard as it's an Eastern team and the Jays are playing at the same time (which seems to have captivated casual sports fans in this country in a big way).

That being said, in the bigger picture, it's really nice weather in Vancouver today, tomorrow and Saturday - so for sight-seeing etc., I would recommend tomorrow as your better option. Please PM me if you have any questions as I live right in Van.

Well, if you wait until the Calgary game and the Lions are already eliminated, at least you will have the whole place to yourself and can stretch out over as many seats as you want to take in what would be sure to be a snoozfest.


Really dude?

Challenger is in a meeting so this is Fighting Falcon filling in for him. We appreciate the responses and info, understand that going to either of these two games is reciprocity for us Hosting a small group at the 49er's/Falcon game at Levi Stadium on 8 Nov.
I understand Challenger is taking a Janet flight so he will be gone for sometime. Again Thanks for your responses.

Fighting Falcon
Fly High, Fly Fast, Fly Proud!

Ignore Bungle's tomb comment. BC Place is stiil a great place to watch football. The fans are just a little down this season. With good reason.

I would suggest the Hamilton game.

It will be competitive. T-Cats are still gunning for first and the Lions are fighting for a play-off.

Also, at this time you will still have some nice weather to take a stroll around False Creek.

The Calgary game will be like a pre-season game. The standings in the West will have been decided, so Stamps will be resting most guys while the Lions will most likely be out by then.
Also , it will be much colder.

Yes. Really. Give me an argument against it.

When BobbyvAckles was alive,there was35000 in the building.. Now under Braley's equal mental midget (Skulsky) there is 35000 empty seats

Bungle… Just stop man. Just stop.

I'd be tempted to go with the Ti-Cat game. It's not THAT often they come to town, is it? Besides, there's just something nice and gritty happening with that team this year ...which could be fun if Adam Bighill decides to get gritty too. Vancouver. What a great city for a night of football. Lots of places to go before and after. Everything's easy to walk to. I envy you the evening, regardless of which game you choose.

So I assume Challenger won't be flying to Vancouver tomorrow because he took a Janet flight from Vegas?

Just got back from Vegas myself. I never would have bet another CFL fan was in Vegas at the same time. Just another bet I would have lost. :cry:

The Calgary game will likely still have meaning. The last playoff spot could come down to that last weekend and Montreals game against the Rides, but the Hamilton game might be the better game.

LB74, just ignore Bungle. Everyone else does.

We will be taking off later this morning for Vancouver to watch the game.
Here is a little info on Janet


Glad you came to your senses and picked the game that was really worth watching!

Bungle, that does not mean you can't go to a game and still enjoy it.

Since 2010, I have gone to Vancouver 2 x a year regardless of the Lions records.
More fun when they are winning , but still enjoy the games and city.

BTW, what kind of work do you do - motivation speaker ? :lol:

He's a conflict resolution mediator. :cowboy: