Which game was the defining game of the season???????

Folks, which game or event do you believe best defined the outcome of the season thus far?? Some for consideration might be:

  1. Bombers Hail Mary Stegall td win over Edmonton early in the season.

  2. Buck Pierce's coming out party when Dickenson went down.

  3. Don Matthews stepping down.

  4. Hamilton firing their coach 4 games in!

  5. Toronto firing Kent Austin

  6. Riders come from behind wins over BC.

  7. Winnipeg's recent defeat of Stamps.

  8. Edmonton's back to back losses to Hamilton!

  9. Riders firing of Roy Shivers.

  10. Others?????????

Geroy's quieting of the Stamp camp.

#7 and #2

Seson defining events...

  • New rules on blocking which killed the return game.
  • Kevin Glenn maturing into a starter.
  • Anthony Calvillo and Jason Maas losing their game.
  • Esks multiple last minute collapses.
  • Alouettes pulling a Lions at midseason.
  • Referees proving to be unable to properly use the video replay.
  • A completely unefficient Ranek/Holmes backfield in Hamilton.
  • Sugarplum Fairy retaining his job in Eskimoland.
  • Winnipeg signing of Barrin Simpson (signing of the year, league-wise)
  • Ricky Williams' lacklustre.
  • Most efficient kicking game league-wise in decades.

This is very difficult and depends on who your favourite team is I think. That being said, I think the Bombers hail mary to Stegall, that one really sticks in my mind. Of course the collapse of my Cats doesn't stick at all. :wink:

It really speaks to the level of expectation in the CFL when a man can finish second in the league statistically in a year when yards and TDs are down across the board and that's considered "losing his game."

Aside from Cahoon, I'd say it's the Alouettes' receivers who've been off their game this year.

I'd take Calvillo over 75% of the pivots in the CFL. Check that, I'd take Calvillo over 90% of pivots in the league when calling the offence is factored in.

Eskimos eliminated early was the big story of the season , other than that a loaded question that most will answer in a biased homer manner.

Seeing the Esks miss the playoffs.

Turkey’s #1,2 & 8

Third’s # 8 & 10

not a game ..more of an event...The dispersal draft of Rens. players....which really did help a lot of clubs...in different ways.... :wink:

I would say the Eskimos back to back losses to Hamilton were the defining games this season. It was a golden chance for them to climb back into the playoff race, and for whatever reason , they could not beat the Cats. They were not officialy eliminated then, but they squandered their only true chance of making the post-season. The Eskimos missing the playoffs for the first time in 35 yrs will be how this season is remembered.

Good point Papazoola. Think of all the Rens having an impact, good or bad on their teams: Joseph, Armstead, Murphy in Sask. Ranek in Hamilton. Banks in BC. Am I missing anyone?

Regarding the defining moment, Steagal's catch over the Esks was telling for the rest of their season, in retrospect of course! Who knew they would finish out of the playoffs!

Still bitter in Ottawa!
Go Gades Go in 08!

Well... You might just get Ranek back now...

I would say that 100 yard hail mary at hte last second to stegall was a big moment

Also one that Im surprised hasnt come up yet would be those two 50+ yard field goals by Deangelis in the last few seconds to snap the als win streak and send them into a slide.

Also the new blocking rules killing hte return game would be a big one and the officials not properly understanding how the replays work in football (ball bouncing off of holmes's foot, simpson's recovered fumble, riders receiver's foot on the sideline or not)