Which Free Agent(s) do you want on your team?

Yes those teams may need back-ups but that was only half the question. With the Riders and Stamps it isn't likely that the #2 QB will have much opportunity to become the starter any time soon. I can't see Brink or Elliot signing elsewhere if there is little to no possibility of becoming the starter for that team within the next couple of years.

Yep That, plus, based on that 3-7 finish to the regular season, a good chance that they will have November off for holidays. :lol:

Says the guy whose team didn't make the play-offs. :roll:


....agreed ....that is a zinger MJ..... :lol: :lol:

Okay let's get back on topic. . . and answer the question posed.

If I were Joe Mack, I'd be targeting Rod Davis, LB from Edmonton.

We don't know if Lobendahn is well recovered from his injury. . . Davis can play either in the middle or outside, so he'd be a valuable and versatile pickup.

...JoeLo is a concern ..He's come-up lame the last two seasons......Labbe is a very good guy in the middle but lacks a little speed ...If Henoc Muamba ..our no 1 draft pic from last year can show us something in 2012....we might be alright...Davis is a thought though :wink:

LOL...i found that funny.
Anyways, as far as the Lions, I think they need to re-sign their core FA and add a little depth since they'll likely lose a couple players to the NFL. But no need for sweeping changes, this team is still very good on paper.

....sorry it doesn't trump bluebloods zinger :lol: :lol:

....as far as the leos go.....WOW...i thought we had a lot of fas to re-up...good luck :wink:

An nfl first round pick.