Which Free Agent(s) do you want on your team?

Title is self explanatory what free agent (preferably not already on your team) do you want on your team?

I think it'd be really good for the Riders to land Ryan Phillips (DB) he has been pretty solid in his time in BC and we need a solid corner to complete our DB's (Butler, Patrick, Jackson (if resigned) Phillips) So what about you guys?

While there are good potential import free agents, I do hope that my team-Als- will concentrate on some non-imports,provided they are available.

Number 1: Etienne Légaré -DT- from Edmonton.

Number 2: Calvin McCarthy-RB-from Edm. or Stuart Foord-RB- from Sask.

Number 3: Ian Logan-S- from Winnipeg.

Number 4: Arjei Franklin-WR- from Cal.

Any one of these players would improve the team/bring depth in our non-imports. Etienne Légaré is definitely number 1.


He's not likely to hit free agency. The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting he's close to re-signing with the Bombers.

My two cents are as follows;

  1. Brendon Labatte - OL Winnipeg
  2. Glenn January - OL Winnipeg

I want the lions to resign all thier own free agents

and the argos to get either brink or elliot from wpg

1.Since word is that Simeon Rottier RG is leaving for Edmonton, then I would like to see us bring in Brendan Labatte RG (WPG)
2.Andy Fantuz.Could form a dynamic canadian duo with Stala.
3.Re-sign Justin Medlock

Un-related, but trade/sign Henry Burris, dump Glenn.

Labatte is a left guard, not right.

My Leos F/A signings

  1. Calvin McCarty RB - We only have Tim Brown behind Harris, and he got pretty bruised up last year. we need him to concentrate on returns.

  2. Eric Deslauriers WR - Paris Jackson isnt coming back, we could use a reciever who can play specials and provide depth.

  3. Byron Parker CB - Depending on what happens with Phillips and Marsh, this could be a key signing. He'd also jump at the chance to play for a winning team.

  4. Tristan Jackson DB

  5. Donald Oramasionwu DT - If Mitchell leaves for the NFL, Taylor cant play every down. The rotation was too effective between Him, Hunt and Mitchell.

I’d take Byron Parker here to the bluebombers. Not because we need him necessarily but I have too many memories of him getting picks against us. Seriously though, I could see Dom Picard being a target to step in for Obby Khan. Jamall Lee might be interesting, gives them a NI backup behind Volny at RB and he seems talented enough that they could do something with him like the Vikes do with Percy Harvin or the argos are doing with Durie. Adding an Aaron Hunt to the line could go a ways towards easing the loss Brown to retirement. I don’t expect Mack to be too heavily involved in FA besides adding a player or two and tweaking with the backups/special teams players.

Out of the bombers own I expect they will lose one of either Brink or Elliott and probably Hargreaves is on his way out as they will look to open up a spot on the field (note: i said field, not roster, he was already on the roster all season but didn’t play any meaningful snaps) for Etienne and the have higher hopes for Poblah despite his inability to stay healthy this season. 3 starting Olinemen in the list too, Labatte they keep saying wants to get some NFL feelers out before making a decision, Iwould imagine they keep at least 1 of Morely/Douglas, probably Morely because of his birth certificate. If they lose Douglas they still have Kelly Butler on the roster and maybe he can be flipped to the left side after starting on the right 2 years ago.

....Jason Pottinger.....add to an already high-calbre D
.....Jerell Freeman.....would look nice in BlueNGold

.....Simeon Rottier.....nice addition to the O line
.....Khalif Mitchell.....the guy is a monster

.......There will be a couple of guys that will give the Bombers a good look this fa.....New stadium with all the trimmings...plus a Cup contender...I'm looking forward to attracting a few quality players :thup: Granted we have to sign our own first and that will dictate a lot :wink:

......Strike Hargreaves off the fa list...we just re-signed Cvet. and him today ... Have to agree on the qbs. It's going to be tough to keep them all :frowning:

Where did you hear about Hargreaves? I've seen the announcement at the Bombers website, FP and Sun regarding Cvetkovic but nothing about Hargreaves.

Hargreaves posted it on his twitter that he resigned, then removed it, maybe because the deal wasn’t offical as of yet.

....wolverine is correct....Hargraves flashed it and it disappeared....In any event i'm surprised that the Bombers re-upped him (if true) ..Must be for some loose change ... He's going to have to really up his game to stick with the 2012 Bombers :roll:

An OC who can do with the offense what Burke did for the defence.

......Strike Hargreaves off the fa list...we just re-signed Cvet. and him today ... Have to agree on the qbs. It's going to be tough to keep them all :(
Well that all depends, you probably can by releasing Buck and having Elliot and Brink duke it out to see who's the future, but that would involve taking quite a few steps back and possibly having a "rebuilding" year. But if your team really wants to return to the Grey Cup again chances are you'll keep Pierce and Elliot or Brink will have to go. I can see Edmonton as a landing spot for one of them they really don't have a distingiushed young "future QB" down there with the Ray and Joseph show going on. Other than that MAYBE Hamilton but even that's a stretch chances are one of these guys is going to rot on the Free Agency or the 3rd slot on the depth chart until someone gets hurt ...

...No-Way that the Bombers part way with Buck....So that leaves a choice between Brink and Elliot....Mack is very keen on both guys soooooo it's going to be a tough decision...I'd say the qb. who settles for the smaller contract...My guess it'll be Elliot as the back-up ...however my guesses have not been hitting the mark lately...We'll see...

What other teams need a QB? The rumours are that Burris will end up in Hamilton and if that comes to pass then every team is pretty much set for starting QBs. So then the question is on which teams is a #2 QB likely to get the best shot of moving up. The choices of where to sign are limited for Brink and likely even moreso for Elliot given that he missed almost all of 2011. I think it is possible that the Bombers can re-sign all three.

Hamilton getting Burris will fix nothing. He's nearly done and they have an ok QB in there right now. They'd be swiching out an apple for another slightly different apple. They need to develop a new, young QB.

Riders are the biggest player for a backup QB IMO. Dinwiddie and Berquist were terrible after Durant went down. Taman is good and signing players others have found. Calgary too may be in the market for a better #2 behind Tate once Burris is out of town.