Which Four Imports Will Sit Out First Game?

Barring some late injuries or roster changes, which four imports, from the 46-man roster, do you think will sit out the first game of the season? I'm thinking:

1.) Tad Kornegay DB
2.) Mario Fatafehi DT
3.) Willie Quinnie WR
4.) Renard Cox LB or Damion Cook OT (toss-up)

I think Cook will play in order to give us two import OL.

Finally. real football talk. Not concessions, lightbulbs or scoreboards. What a concept.

Re: Cox.
I agree ,pope, no disrespect to Renard but I think LB Armour will become one of the more significant additions on the D.

Kornegay and Cox for usre. I am surprised both even made the team ahead of Babers and Marshall.


I'll be shocked if Armour and Brooks aren't the starters. The only question remains, who do they start at the other LB position? Mariuz, Hitchcock or do they move Barrenechea to the outside? One thing for sure, this linebacking crew, which was a sore spot last year has been significantly upgraded this season.

Given his speed me thinks they will start Mariuz. Barrenchea stays in the middle, he's promised us all he'll "bring it" this year so he'll get his chance at least for awhile.

It is apparent that Kavis wants to keep guys he has had for a while together
and he wants them to grow as a unit, interchangeable parts he can shift around.

Renard Cox [and Chris Martin] have proven
to be very versatile by playing LB and DB

Renard is lighter this year and very fit

Point of interest about Renard Cox.

John Salavantis on the CHML radio broadcast
of the game on Friday was saying that

Kavis Reed disguises his defensive alignment at times

by having Renard Cox quickly shift to Safety
once some passing plays have started

to confuse their receivers who have been
making their reads off Wayne Shaw,

our regular Safety, who has shifted
to another position on that play.

In my opinion, the starting linebackers will be Barrenechea in the middle, and Mariuz and Armour on the outside. And Hitchcock, Cox and Brooks will be rotated in when the situation dictates it. All of them will be a force on special teams.

just because of how well mariuz has played i think he starts on the outside along with armour this would allow brooks to pay middle where he'd excel, knowing too auggy could start also but brooks has played to well not to get a longer look.

cox has the ability to add depth behind armour and mariuz and will be used also as a db in some dime/blitz coverages. hitch also provide great depth and special teams

brooks is sick,

my 4 are:

#1 wr-quinnie
#2 dt-fatafehi
#3 db-kornegay
#4 db-justin

i think import cook will start at ot.
import walker at de will rotate with peterson cheat and cotton in the humid months were the big guys wear down in the heat.

import cox flexible as a lb/db used to disguise def formations and have non import shaw as extra cb/safety so justin/kornegay less needed, bradley has to start

brooks is sick,
Nothing serious, I hope. Is it bad enough to make him one of the 4 we have to sit? :D

Have to disagree about Justin, emms. I think he'll be the starter at CB with Bradley ready to go in at the drop of a hat. It's true that Cox is very versatile and can play many positions which is why I couldn't choose between him or Cook. Regardless, there is plenty of great back-up talent all throughout the team this year.

lol hes not actually, sick.. i mean hes good, sorry.. lol thats just my way of saying good. :rockin:

yeah pope you could be right about justin after all he did make the team were i thought he was on the bubble i guess he had a good camp.
i was really impreseed with cody and thinking he bradley,martin,goss along with shaw/gordon starting at safety


All I know is people had better have their head on a swivel when crossing into Brooks's path this season. Love the debate regarding actual DEPTH in the defensive backfield and LBs. I will say this: regardless of how Kavis and company go with the rotations, our defence should improve greatly this season as long as our injury situation is good and our offense continues to grow in its consistency game in, game out.

The point about our special teams getting a boost from all this is huge. Hitch, Mariuz et al. are going to be studs on special teams coverage as long as our punt accuracy is good. Our Canadian content is really poised to shine through with hard work and the requisite luck involved.

Oski Wee Wee,

Why don't we put Richie Williams on the four man taxi, unless there is a rule against deactivating one of your QBs.

QB - Richie Williams
WR - Willie Quinnie
DT - Mario Fatafehi
CB - Justin/Bradley/Kornegay
(I hope it's Kornegay)

That way we can keep a guy like Cox activated who will be able to contribute at least on Special Teams as where the only way Williams contributes is if Maas and Eakin go down with an injury.

Do you WANT to play with only 2 QB's?

Besides - QBs don't count against the ratio (or for it).