Which Former TiCat Would You Want Back?

Whether they were released, traded or left in free agency, which former TiCat player, who is still currently playing, would you want back for the 2013 season and beyond? Who would have the most impact this season if they were to return to the TiCat fold?

I say Chris Thompson. Would love to have him back in our secondary. He's a real ball hawk & play maker. Even though he is 30 years old, I think we'd get a couple solid more years out of him.

Who do you want back & why?

Anthony Calvillo.


He'd do the same thing Danny Mac did for us in '98 & '99. Get us to the Grey Cup.

With our crop of receiving talent? It'd be a lock!

Chris Williams :frowning:

(a joke.........kind of.)

Totally forgot about AC! Great take HBB!

Not to downplay how great AC is but half his success comes from the talent he's had on the O line throughout the years.

Agreed, only need to look at the East Final last year to see what would happen to AC on our team (or more correctly last years team). He was getting hit pretty hard all game. I'd expect more of the same if he was the Ticats QB last year.

AC's records belong to him as much as his teammates.

Seems there is such a high turnover now of players coming and going. Years ago...you knew exactly who left and who was new to the fold because it only happend half of much as now, it seems. This better is better philosoply which could see a player gone because he doesn't jump as high or far, doesn't allow fans to get to know the players as well as when they'd stick around more than a season or 2.
But on offence, I definitely go with Marquay McDaneil and Rottier. And that receiver that used to showboat it after a catch from a few years ago? I hated when he did that. Chris somebody or other (not Bauman). This player was hard nosed at the same time.
Oh, and my 4th would be J. Lumsden from the bobsled roster. :wink:

Troy Davis.

Without a doubt Justin Medlock, probably one of the best kickers to kick for us post Ozzy (not that Bartel and Congi are slouches by any means)

I always felt Stevie Baggs got a bad wrap and I would love to have him back as we need a good rusher.

I'll tell you one receiver I would love to have back if we ever have to release a Canadian receiver or one retires, and that's Matt Carter.

hitchcock that guy bled black and gold his whole carreer and we need him in that locker room hed get in ur face but would also be on ur side and he lead by his play

a 100% healthy Jesse Lumsden who could stay 100% healthy.

Clearly people do not read around here.... :roll:

OTOH, it would probably be more fun to do one re players not still playing.

As Rob is 42 years of age & has been out of football for over 6 years, it might be a little much to ask of him to contribute on the field THIS season.

Justin Hickman
Gareth McIntyre

Hickman ... Great choice!

If Chris Williams doesn't return, I'd go with Marcus Thigpen. If CW does return, then Justin Hickman.
If it has to be limited to who's still in the CFL, I'd say Chris Thompson. Also much as I hate him, I'd be tempted to pick that mouthpiece Dwight Anderson...can you imagine the reception he would get?