Which football game you watching?

So now there is no more Canadian football,which American game are you watching?
ABC we get on cable here has West Virgina 14 Rutgers 7 Halftime

I’m not watching any football game. I’m sitting here in front of my computer talking to you guys.

I’m waiting for the curling to start on TSN this afternoon. There. I’ve said it. I’d rather watch Canadian curling than American football. Make of it what you will!

Pittsburgh - Cincinnati
Rutgers - West Virginia

Hooray for split-screen

Ha! Crazy out-of-order thread replies!

It happened yesterday to one of my posts, too. I guess continuity is not considered a strong point of these dicussions!

Curling to football??

are you crazy.................football is football whether its CFL, NFL or college ............all good stuff

I would rather watch tiddly winks than watch Curling!!

I'll be watching as many NFL games as possible.

Love football!


Tonight though, I'll be watching the Big 12 championship game between Nebraska and Oklahoma. Go Huskers!

Oski Wee Wee,


SC-Auburn. The Old Ball Coach hopefully will knock off the Cam Newtons. I want TCU in the National Championship game. Go Gamecocks.

There’s football on? I watched some skiing today and now I I have the curling on in the background. Not sure what I am doing Sunday, but it won’t be spent in front of the TV. We still don’t have snow here and I want to go skiing :frowning: . Hopfully by next weekend we should have a few runs open in the area. Football season is over.

Flipping between the SEC Championship game and the Civil War game between Oregon and Oregon State...


Hockey,Curling etc...Nope....

What the hell is up with those helmets that Oregon is wearing? I know they have like 8,022,484 different uniform variations, but those helmets... I mean, really?

I was wondering the same thing...

The Ducks colours used to be green,yellow,and,white...

The uni they're wearing today has nothing to do wit their traditional colours at all...And the stupid wings on the shoulders have got to go!!!

I was looking at OSU's throwback uni's also...How 'bout those flat black helmets???

The OS flat black helmets and uniforms design are from 1967.

Well that was a couple of blowouts.

Coming up, Oklahoma - Nebraska at 8 on ABC, Florida State - Virginia Tech at 7:45 on TSN2.
For some reason the Bell college football package doesn't appear to be picking up the South Florida - UConn game from ESPN2 so I'll have to rely on channelsurfing.net for that one.
And USC - UCLA on Sportsnet One at 10:30.

I watched the second half of the Compass Bowl, Pitt 28 UK 10, which was followed by New Orleans at Seattle.It is 10-7 Saints in the first.