Which final season game has more importance.

The question of 1st and 2nd in the west will be finalized this weekend. The question of the day is which final season game has more importance if nothing changes and BC secures 1st this weekend?

Sask will be playing Toronto. Austin has preached steady consistant play, but with nothing on the line, will Austin will rest many starters. And will this impact on the Western Semi Final. Add to that Toronto could still be playing for 1st if they beat Winnipeg this weekend.

BC will be playing Calgary. From a standing point of view nothing to be gained. But do both teams play to intimidate each other in case they meet in the Western Final back in BC in two weeks.

The next 2 weeks are still important to the Esk's. Saskatchewan is going to lose to Edmonton this weekend.(They have several injured players and in all likelehood sit some starters) When Calgary beats out Montreal(without Calvilo playing)this week Edmonton will be given a chance at the cross over in the final week of play. Winnipeg will probably beat out Montreal in the final week as they will want to enter the playoffs on a winning note. All that is left if for Edmonton to win against Hamilton, which they should. And there you go--Edmonton in the playoffs. In the playoffs anything can happen.

Red Stallion,
Your Logic:
Winnipeg plays their starters and Saskatchewan sits their starters.

Winnipeg wants to go into the playoffs strong and Saskatchewan wants to go in weak.

Edmonton closes off a losing season with a winning two-game winning streak.

Is that your logic? Cuz' that is what I got from it.

Thryllin what I am trying to say is that the Riders will probably rest most of there starters this week and give them all ample playing time in there final regular game against Toronto.

fans don't need logic

Well Red, I think you will see Austin having Saskatchewan up for the game against Edmonton. They both BC & Sask play Friday night, Austin doesn't have the luxury preparing his team to play any differently then to play all out for the win. There is still a small chance they could secure first place.

And while their are still some eastern division positioning to be done. The focus of this question was the last game of the season and whose is more important BC's or Sask's if there is nothing on the line.

If there is nothing on the line . . . They are of equal importance.

I vote for the Cats final game. This gives us one more pre-season game than any other team will get.

Then I would say Sask's if they want to stick to the philosiphy of Austin's " one game at a time they are all inportant approach." Additionally the returning injured players have to get the cobwebs out during there last rgular game in order to be ready to play the next week. BC on the other hand seems to be healthy, but I'm sure they want to beat Calgary for the head game advantage if they happen to play them in the Western finals. I do believe that with Burris being healthy Calgary my well be one of the teams that the Riders and Lions fear the most. Calgary is on the road though and we all know what there road record is this year.

I think the BC - Calgary game will have more on the line. With the exception of the game where Burris was out, while Calgary hasn't won, they have played BC tough. They will be coming out to make a statement. THat statement will be we can come into your home and beat you, and if we come back in two weeks we will do it again.

For Sask, I think keeping the consistancy going, therefore, the starters will all play at least half the game.

It'll be a good test of philosophy for the rookie head coach, starting this weekend.

I think the only starters the Riders will rest this week are guys like Mo Lloyd and Reggie Hunt who could play if it were a play-off game, but are not 100% and risk further injury.
If BC wins their game, it becomes a nothing game for the Riders, but I believe Kent doesn't believe in "nothing games" and will play his starters.
Also, the game does matter to Edmonton and Montreal, so I don't want the Riders to lay down.
It sends the wrong message anyway, and Kent has been all about sending the "right" message all year.

In the final week, we might see a few back-ups get some playing time, particularly the QBs, but only if the game means nothing to either team.
We know Pinball will play his back-ups in a nothing game, as he has done so in the past.

Every team is important, except Hamilton.

Edmonton can still beat out Montreal by Winning their next 2 games. If they lose 1, their out.

Montreal is fighting for a playoff spot. Without A.C, it's going to be tough, especially with their opponents.

Toronto and Winnipeg. Both want first place, and the home field along with the Bye for the East Final.

Saskatchewan and B.C. Same, want first place.

There is still a lot at stake... Makes for one of the most exciting season finales.

I say forfeit the games and have a barn dance instead. We could all learn Estevan Line Dancing!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!

The Riders are going to play to win, and that’s it.

Sure looks like the riders are resting players as I predicted. Eskies still have a good chance to make the cross over. Kind of stupid not going for the field goal and trying the 3rd down gamble. They need the points.