Which fantasy is more appealing

Personally, I would prefer to see small 40,000 seat domes build in every city that doesnt have one, before ever seeing another thread on expansion.

blah blah blah blah blah

can someone please disable the ability to create polls until next season??? sheesh.

clearly the not that subtle point of this poll went over your head

Yes, I'll take that over expansion to the North Pole. :wink:

Don’t worry it will get worse. :roll: :roll: The Expansion Zealots will have expansion threads on Red Deer, Swift Current, Brandon, Yellowknife, and of course, the ANNUAL Saskatoon expansion thread.

Its only a matter of time. They’re comming! :roll: :roll:

Actually you missed the fantasy that I would have picked, the one with Tyra Banks, Angeina Jolie, Julia Roberts,and me in a hot tub.....oh wait, this is a familly forum, better leave that fantasy alone!

at least that one is more likely to happen in your lifetime :slight_smile:

What? And not jm after she shared that pic of herself to the membership a while back? :lol:

Sportsmen, will all that gear in the hot tub with you, I think you better add some Cialis as part of the fantasy to keep that party going in high octane mode!

New domed stadiums equal increased ticket prices.

You may want to rethink your position.

Besides, football in a controlled environment is kind of lame.

I missed that photo...care to share??? :lol: :lol: