Which Eastern team looks like less of a mess right now?

Maybe this is a bit early, considering Montreal has half a game to come back, but man the three eastern playoff teams look to be in disarray right now. Of these three which team looks like it has the best shot going into the playoffs of making it to the Grey Cup?

Either way whichever team represents the west has to be considered the favorite at this point.

Which Eastern team looks like less of a mess right now?

Eastern division football sucks. Always has.

It's always the west dominating the east. The east has teams folding in Montreal and Ottawa, but none in the west.

If I were in charge of the CFL the playoff pairings would do away with keeping the east separated from the west. In other words, the playoffs would be aligned where you would not guarantee an East vs. West matchup in the Cup.

I would be more happier having the two best teams in the league facing each other in the Cup even if they were in the same division.

Once again, the east division sucks. Always has.... Permanent losers.

this is crazy.

I think that Winnipeg has the best chance of all 3 teams in the Playoffs to get into the Grey Cup. But they won't win anyway.

Makes for a boring cup eh? How dumb are the fans that insist on an East vs. West Cup???

The east division is the Democrat/Michael Dukakis division -- handouts/welfare state division. The west division is the Republican/Ronald Reagan division -- leaders/legends/strength thru a commitment to excellence and the realization there is no free lunch.

what the @# are you talking about?

it doesn't make a boring Cup ever!

there have been very few Grey Cup games where it's been boring and over at the half. sorry you are mistaking us for the SuperBore.

even if the East looks banged up and inconsistent, that doesn't mean squat! it only takes 1 game you know? just remember this.. (oh wait you won't)

back in 2001 Winnipeg played Calgary. the Bombers were huge favorites, they were #1 that year and hot.

the Stamps were 8-10 and had Marcus Crandell of all QB's.


no it wasn't the Bombers.. :roll:

This is the 2nd time you have pumped the Bummers tires.. what is it you see in this team that has you so high on them??.... the were almost as equally bad during the 2nd half of the season as they were good/lucky during the 1st.... arguably the 2nd half is the half you want to finish strong on.....

East division football sucks.

The CFL would be better off having all eight teams in one division. The east division is like set-a-side jobs in the government sector. They need to earn their playoff spots...and home field advantage. Do away with the division setups.

What do you see in the other two teams that lets you put them above the Bombers at this point? He didn't say the Bombers look good, but certainly the opinion that they have the best shot at making it to the Grey Cup in the East isn't that ludicrous.

then how come the Als have won 2 straight Grey Cups?

3 and 6 in the second half does NOT give them the best shot at a GC appearance.... :roll:

because they have the better defense right now.

even if they've been 3 and 6 in their past nine they have still defeated Montreal twice in a row!

that's all that matters right now.

Hamilton has defeated Montreal twice too… hmm

The East division (minus Calvillo's Als) suck.

Get rid of the divisions and make all teams earn their playoff spots.

While we are at it, AUS football sucks too and they get a handout in the democrat bye/play-in format in the CIS playoffs.

Welfare state football sucks. I don't buy into the pink stuff and I don't buy into the current division playoff format.

The CFL shoots itself in the foot by not doing my suggestions.

On the good side, Alabama got beat and that's good.

Winnipeg. Not because they're any better, but because they have home field avantaged and a bye to the East Final. It's so incredibly obvious how to beat the Alouettes. Put pressure on AC and he craps the bed. It's no coincidence he's had his worse games of the season against Winnipeg. BC's proving that theory correct. Two best rushing D-lines.

I dunno, they'd put up more of a fight than the Als tonight! :lol:

ya early in the season. so what?

You know the CFL about as good as an average 15 yr old, which isn't very much at all.

forget it, you're going to lose this argument.

The Bombers have matched up extremely well against Hamilton and Montreal this year though, winning all but one that came down to the final second of the game. Many of these games were in the last half of the season.

lol... so now it matters WHEN you beat a team.....do you actually read what you type before submitting.. or do you just fly by the seat of your... oh... never mind, this is futile