Which Draft Pick Is The Likely To Make The Bomber's?

Just a little curious about the state of our Draft Choices, Mack stated he is in the process of signing the Picks and Alex Brink and still no word about ANY signings. What do you guys feel, will Mack sign all? and who do you expect in camp? Who makes the real roster? if any, opinions:

QB Alex Brink - Practice Roster? Seems Like DiMichele would be a PR QB again unless he out guns Santos and/or Jyles, can we carry 2 QB'S on the PR? If not there is still the mysterious IR

WR Cory Watson - I believe Watson will push hard for a starting job and make the roster if he lives up to the hype, he also seems like the Draft Pick most likely ready to make the jump to pro.

LB Chris Smith - Still young at 22 but does have great skills, not many LB'S make the Starting Defense after being picked out of the draft so soon. He may be a special teams guy this season though.

RB Anthony Woodson - Again still a young guy at 22 but will not make starting RB ahead of Reid and Bernard, and after the recent after draft selection (another NI Back) who has been labelled a ST Demon, is there still a spot on the active roster? I would guess a Practice Roster Player at best.

DL Chris Greaves - 23 Years old and seems like a pretty good pick but no room on the active roster for him to compete for a DL position this year unless he shows well in camp.

well brink isnt a draft pick

so out of all of them id say watson and smith are most likely to stick around on the main roster.

woodson isnt a lock at all, especially with the laval rb signing with us and greaves seems young enough that he might have some cis eligibilty left.

if not, put em on the pr and let em develope. dont think any of them (maybe watson) will be starting this year tho.

Watson and Smith are the most likely to stick IMO... Watson will probably get worked into the offence a little this year, and Smith will make his prescence felt on Special Teams