Which "dirty" team was he referring to...

I just happened to come into the middle of SportsCenter on TSN last evening and caught a CFL coach complaining about a team being out to deliberately injure.

He mentioned going for knees and low blocks and the TSN announcer (Darren Dutchyshen) commented the CFL would look into it.

Anybody else catch the full interview, what team/players, etc?

I know there have been aligations in the past about certain teams (Winnipeg?) but this one is recent and out in the open.

Apparently Calgary is accusing B.C. Lions of dirty play and attempt to injure.

The recent TSN SportsCenter had interviews with various Lion players and they, of course, were dismissing the allegations. One went so far as to say it didn't matter that a Stamp was injured since he wasn't very good anyway.



Read about it in the Calgary Sun today, Stamps are accusing B.C. Players of getting $60 and/or Steak dinner if they "take out" a stampeder.

Not sure what is worse, if you tell your players that, or if you whine and cry about it to the media...hmm....

If it is true, it would give a whole new meaning to the phrase "take out food".