Which coaches should the Bombers fire before next season?

I think you're right about Hufnagel unless that changed in 2011. I can remember reports saying he was calling the plays in 2010.

so how does that answer my question at all... If Lapo continues to call the plays it doesn't really matter how you design the play if you call run on 2nd 7 and don't get it who's fault is that?

My argument is you got a OC that knows the ins and outs of your offense at what point do you just go out and trust him, heck if Baressi did what you said he did don't you think he'd have a better sense on what to call on a 3rd and 5 because he knows what his bread and butter play is for 5 yards because he's with these guys all through practice working on it.

So basically my previous post is directed at - should we really be keeping LAPO around because we all know its the play calling that killed us all year right?

Heard you guys might be interested in Khari Jones for OC.Hopefully you take him and his playbook which famously features Mike Gibson's name whited out and his written on top :lol:
In all honesty though, I bet he could draw you up a nice run n gun system.

The complaints about playcalling might actually have merit if fans actually knew what the calls were on any given play but we don’t so there is no way anyone can say with any certainty whether the playcalling was bad or whether the play was poorly executed.

no doubt.. i totally agree. i find it funny to read some posts talking about.. oh why did they throw a 3 yard pass on 2nd and 10.. why did they blah blah.. fact is, i'd bet money and my life on it, that the 3 yard pass was not option 1 2 3 or even 4. but it was the only option available.. i also laugh when ppl think we were the only team to throw a 3 yard pass on 2nd down or run a draw play or whatever.. fact is every team does that every game.

i'm a fan, ill admit i dont have a darn clue what play was called..

well, thats not true.. when they pass i know its a passing play, when they run i know the called a running play.. but i'm not delushional enough to believe i know what the exact call or "options" on that call were... but i willl say that im pretty sure 99.99999 percent of the time, those 3 yard passes were made because that was the only guy open at the time.

think people need to stop pretending and realize that we all are.. is fans.

we dont know it all, we dont even know some, some like to pretend they do but i think most of us, i hope atleast that most of us know that...unless we have vulcan hearing, we really have no clue what play was actually called.