Which coaches should the Bombers fire before next season?

Head Coach: Paul LaPolice
Offensive Coordinator: Jamie Barresi
Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs: Tim Burke
Offensive Line Coach: Pat DelMonaco
Receivers Coach: Chris Wiesehan
Linebackers Coach: Casey Creehan
Special Teams Coordinator: Kyle Walters
Defensive/Special Teams Assistant: Markus Howell

My thoughts on this are that Tim Burke has shown his ability to maximize the talent of his players and should be offered the Head Coaching position and be allowed to hire his own assistants with Mack’s help to find candidates.

PLP conversely, is all thumbs as a coordinator and a head coach. GM Mack should fire him this week along with the OC, the O-Line Coach. The Special Teams Coordinator is on the bubble.

With the passing of Defensive Line Coach/Assistant Head Coach Richard Harris, I would like to see Doug Brown offered the Defensive Line Coach position with the option of playing one more year. He admitted he didn’t like the way the regular season ended and hinted he may want another chance to end things on a more positive note. I know he bleeds Blue and can still play.

What do you think?

....Definitely we have to look at the offensive coordinator.....been crap all year, when the talent you have is sitting at or near the bottom in stats. for the whole league :thdn:

....Get rid of the special teams guy....he just doesn't have a clue...The field position we had to work with was abysmal for most of the year....I'd hate to think what it would look like without Jovon doing his thing....pitiful...

added:......IF we DON'T keep Burke......it's going to be a huge loss....IF Doug Brown is good to his word and he retires..I would like to see him brought back for the defence is some capacity....
ALL IN ALL....back to the drawing board it's going to be a long off season :expressionless:

an OC in place of Baressi or for Lapo to step away from handling OC duties on game day

Burke could leave 2 ways - Riders HC or if he likes milanovich that much, who has per TSN a verbal agreement to become the Argos HC but nothings final until he actually signs a contract (seems i recall him reneg-ing on a verbal agreement a couple years ago) but he could move to TO to work with Milanovich. Replacing him would be key, I'm not sure who could fit the bill but no retreads that are or could be available (i'm looking at u richie hall) interest me in the slightest. Maybe Creehan gets the promotion.

Special teams coach walters has to be given a serious look at. They were better overall this season and didn't give up as many big plays, especially the latter half of the season, but in the biggest game on the biggest stage they gave up way to many yards to BCs return game. Mind you Boreham hitting a couple of bad punts and averaging 36-37 yards a punt in dome conditions ... you can't completely fault the coach for the player not executing. I wasn't sold on Boreham being an upgrade over Renaud, despite his struggles. Hopefully Renaud gets a chance to compete next TC to get his job back or they bring in someone with more experience.

I too would be interested in seeing Doug brown stick with the team in some ways. His experience on the radio and writing for the Freep make him a good candidate to start off in the PR dept, do some guest coaching. Mind you maybe he sticks with the Freep and on air radio host gigs for a while longer. That becomes a little trickier as he would become more of a reporter rather than colleague of players he has as guests, that transition from locker room/part-time radio guy to reporter can be tricky sometimes. At the least, what he's done these last few years have given him some options.

Just keep improving, whether that’s adding coaches or players, you have to keep progressing. The team finished off the season very poorly, that in itself should tell you changes need to be made. Mack has proven to be a pretty smart cookie, so I’m sure he has already identified the areas that needing improving.

...Apparently Madanni has 'tweeted' that Barresi won't be back next year...??? :roll: Don't have any other source to confirm so I'll go with rumour...It's obvious we have a guru in Burke running a cadillac defence....while we have a couple of 'near do wells' making our talented offence look like a stalled 'volkswagon'...Something definitely has to change here...Mack said on Irvings show on OB. that he' wants changes on the offence for next year and is leaving it up to Lapo....Methinks Paul better start fixing the O and a good start would be to bring in a new co-ordinator...I would think Mr. Mack will bring in some talent AND Lapolice better find a way to utilize it.....the word is out.. :wink:

I think Walters may be in trouble. He had all season to straighten things out but from start to finish it was one of our biggest weaknesses.Iwouldn' t mind seeing Lapo giving up some play calling duties.I trust Mack will keep advancing.

We played in the Grey Cup in a season when the pre-season predictions by the "experts" were that we would not make the play-offs again and already there's a call for mass firings. :roll:

I don't know about Walters as ST coordinator but also keep in mind that he's in charge of the draft for us as well.

Ah, the wonderful world of the CFL offseason. . .

Forget the so-called "experts". . .and those calling for mass firings. . . the fact remains that over the last offseason, there were no major changes, only some tinkering here and there, and lo and behold a 4-14 team turned things around and made it to the Grey Cup. There's certainly something to said for continuity.

That tells me you don't need a major overhaul.

On the other hand. . . standing pat rarely works; if you don't improve, you are regressing.

And the improvements needed I think are pretty clear to Mack and company; special teams and the offence; I sure wouldn't count on returning to the Grey Cup if you lead the league in two-and-outs again.

Whether they choose to address those needs through personnel changes, coaching changes, or a bit of both, is up to them and is why they get paid the big bucks. . .should be interesting to see in what direction they go.

I don't think there is or was a call for mass firings of coaches. No need to go overboard. Burke has had defences that have taken their teams to the grey cup 3 years in a row, its should come as no surprise that he could get a look as a HC candidate in Sask. In the end all the things have to be assessed, including coaching. As much as the Blue had a great season, they didn't win the ultimate prize and as Mack said there is room for improvement and they are going to make whatever changes in order to meet that goal.

The OP called for the firing of the HC, OC, oline coach and possibly the ST coordinator and you don't think that is a call for mass firings?

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2011/11/29/bombers_moves/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ers_moves/[/url]

A source says; The Blue Bombers have fired their OC ?

TSN reporting it as official


IMO u can't completely fault Baressi for the offensive woes. Lapo was calling the plays on gamedays, but as HC he's not going anywhere after taking a 4-14 team from the year before to the grey cup. Hopefully this means they look for a more established OC and let him call the shots for the offense.

Looks official, he was the obvious choice and based on the recent player grumblings had to go.

...looks like the rumour i reported was correct....Barresi was over his head....A player (who doesn't want to be identified) said that the only plays that really worked, were the ones Buck called (when he was allowed to do so)...That says a helluva lot...I would like to see us do an exhaustive search and land someone for offensive co-ordinator with experience.....This team will be a power next year with someone putting together an offence that is equal to our defence...Go get em Mack... :thup: :rockin:

There's a helluva lot more to being an OC than calling plays. And if calling plays was so important to being considered a good OC then Milanovich certainly would be as highly regarded as he is.

From the Bombers website:

Head Coach Paul LaPolice announced today that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will not be extending the contract of Offensive Coordinator Jamie Barresi.

Barresi joined the Blue Bombers in 2010 after stints in the CFL with Saskatchewan, BC and Hamilton.

LaPolice also announced that he has extended offers to all the remaining coaches on his staff for next season.


So who do we want as OC or does it even matter seems like LAPO is gonna control play calls again next year like he did this year so do they even get better or are we just passing around a headset with a free pay cheque?

Lapo's interview on the news tonight did not have me thrilled at all.

It’s my understanding and i could be wrong here but… i don’t think i am. Honestly i went to a few practises and saw with my own eyes but seems to me that while LAPO may be the guy “calling the plays” it was baressi who was the guy running the offense, to clear that up a bit… lapo called the plays, we all know this, it’s no secret but what some seem to not know is that baressi was the guy in charge of putting together the game plan, he was the guy who “picked” the plays to use that particular game… basically baressi was the guy who put together the offensive game plan, ran the offense at practise and also chose which plays to use. all the coaches had a say i’m sure but it was baressi who was in charge of game planning week to week… LAPO chose plays on game day from the ones that baressi chose to go with that week.

does that clear it up?

i mean, tsn refered to the guy as our oc all year… i mean, just cuz lapo calls the plays… it doesnt mean he’s the guy “designing the plays”

i mean, thats pretty obvious isnt it?

the OC designs the plays, designs the offensive game plan and thats what baressi did on game day… dont matter if lapo is calling the plays, heck… brink or elliot or name a guy could call the plays, thats really irrelevant, if the design of those plays dont work, and they didnt, then really it doesnt matter who’s calling them.

baressi was let go because he “schemed” to play conservative week to week… he was let go because the plays he chose to use on game day after all week of watching film etc, was to play scared… do enough so the defense would win the game. he did that all year and it caught up…

i agree with lapo where i dont think playcalling is that much of an issue… its the game plans baressi put together that were.

LAPO, calls the plays yup… but baressi was the guy putting the game plan together all week.

There's a lot more to being an OC than calling plays. People seem to forget that Lapo ain't the only head coach who does call the plays.

Trestman for one. .. something tells me that Hufnagel calls the Calgary plays and not DD, but I do stand to be corrected.