Which coach will be fired first?

Okay…Start the debate…

I think Joe Paopao will be gone first because of their recent losing streak, his ability to get the team "fired up". I actually wouldn't be surprised if hes gone from ottawa before the end of the season. As a second choice I'd probably take Danny Macoicca, rookie coach making lots of mistakes with a talented eskimos team. Alot of esks fans are really pis*** off at him, and mainly because we probably wont be finishing any better than our 9-9 season last year. Eskimo fans have REALLY high expectations, so i wouldn't be surpised if we dont see danny coaching the esks next year.

The Bombers will sting Daley up frist.

My guess is Paopao; I agree Daley is on thin ice, but I think the Bombers won't be as fast on the trigger as the Glieberguys will be. Barrett seems safer now with the winning streak. I think Campbell will hang in there a bit too, sure they looked lousy against Hamilton (and why, oh why, doesn't Maciocia give Maas some playing time? If Ray goes down in a playoff game Mass is going to awfully rusty), but they looked great against BC (especially that defence), so I think they'll give some time here to try to find some consistency. Ottawa, on the other hand, has been consistently awful for some time now, and the Glieberguys never did want Paopao in the first place, so I think he'll be the first to go, be it soon or just after the season ends.

I voted Daley but the truth is that Paopao should have been gone after the loss to Calgary. Everyone says he's a nice guy. Maybe. But truth is that nice guys seem to always get the asses kicked. Look at BC. Absolute jerk of a coach and terrific team. That said, seems to me the Gliebermans will stick things out to the end of this year to reinforce how bad things are in Ottawa and then pull the trigger. Daly likely won't be so lucky.

Funny...last time this poll question was asked, Greg Marshall was one of the choices...Hmm, a 40-14 win over the Eskimos seems to have taken him off the list, and put Machocia on. :smiley:

Of course it'll be Paopao. No matter how he ended up doing this year, the "Gliebermen" had every intention of replacing him, ever since they bought the team. Bad choice, in my opinion, but it won't be the first time they've made bad decisions.

Bad decisions they have certainly made. The less said about Dexter Manley the better...now they want to make Jesse Palmer the highest paid player in the league even if (a) he's never played a CFL game and (b) isn't, so they say, suited to our game anyway. Then they add a certifiable head case like Ryan Leaf to the wish list.....and I hear they've also added Quincy Carter....if Dallas for gawds sake thinks you've got a drug problem serious enough that they release you, enuff said.

Oh well, correct me if I'm wrong, but when Ottawa drafted the dead guy, that wasn't on the Glieberguys watch, wasn't that Horn Chen?

Paopao....probably ...but the only reason Daley won't be first is because if the Bombers fired him they would have to pay out his contract....they won't do that so we will have to suffer..... till another season is in jeapardy... :shock:

I think Eagle Key's days are numbered!!!!!!!!!!!

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Actually Big Dave, Somebody pointed out that Marshall is safe (For a while) as he is the owners choice for coach.

Shhhhh Turkey....You'll give the Gliebermans another idea!

wasn't Eagle Key's old address ...Turkeyneck Bend...Kentucky....this is all starting to fit now turkeybend......I thought that handle sounded familiar.... :lol: :lol:....one of the all-time best coaches in the CFL.... old Eagle was.....crafty old bird.. I miss guys like him in the league....

ah yes, papazoola, here we go again reminiscing.......Eagle Keys...how about Jim Trimble, Dave Schrein, Frank Clair, Peahead Walker......

Papazoola- you are brilliant. For awhile I thought no one would ever make the connection. Hats off to you my man! Gobble Gobble for old Eagle!

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i think PaoPao should stay, but bad ownership will get him out, Barrett deserves to go, but worse management keeps him there, Maciocia may deserve to go, but i'll give him till the end of the year, and Daley is an okay coach, not good, but not bad enough to be fired

Barrett ain't going nowhere, that is a given. But Isn't Paopao finished because he didn't make 9-9?