which coach has to go...

Well, I think we can all agree that MB is walking on a tight rope but if you look at it very carefully... what stopped producing 1st in the eskie game... if it ever did...

yes folks... the O ffence.. and it was truly Offensive,... as it was in the Bomber game (2nd half)
They obviously arent playing for Khari... and the running sets are truly abysmal

The defense? Leave them out that long and things go south... it s inevitable..so Im not blaming the defense... (as much)

so... given the fact that Avon's running plays were sooo predictable and Arland isnt even getting the ball , my guess is its the Offensive co ordinator, Mr Khari Jones... who has to answer the question from us fans

,.... after all.. the talent is there...isnt it Obie????? Isnt it...........*fade to another mediocre season

As long as we're throwing ideas out - Can quitting on the team after two weeks be grounds for banning ?

Nobodies quitting on the team but change has to be made so we don't throw away another season.It's quite clear that MB isn't the man so why do we just sit back and let him take us on a first class trip to constant mediocrity?Brad Miller for INT HC, Corey Chamblin interviewed for HCing job in the off-season.

I know why you call yourself Junior..

Kid Ive been following the Ticats longer than either you.. or probably your father...
just to set the record straight..

lets start again....

the team is playing abysmally and its not the players and it sure as heck isnt the loyal fan base... so what is it....? Junior.... :cowboy:

If you want to go and check the original smokeystover and smokeystover1 posts you will see my heritage, pedigree and legacy... I bleed black and gold.....and if the team isnt producing it doesnt take a rocket scientist to speak out...

but then I suppose you dont pay to go to the games, do you, Junior... :wink:

What do you expect from a first year OC? He is learning on the job. 2 years as QB coach does not make an OC. Sorry.

Anyone can call themselves a die hard especially in here.
Only thing that’s easier is to be a complainer and quitter.

i have not posted a reply before and i don't pretend to know everything about the Ticats but lets face it when our offence only scores 26 points i think MB HAS TO GO he's been posting five hundered seasons and loosing in the playoffs it's sad to put it nicely second i think we should ax the gm because he puts the team together

The problem was.. we saw these SAME ISSUES last season. Draw Draw Draw up the gut from our running plays.

Hitch out to the flats on our passing plays, or 4 yard dump passes on 2nd and 10.... seeing success with guys like Thigpen in the offense, and then never using them.... Boring Boring Boring.

Not being prepared to start a game. Not being prepared to start a season.

No adjustments at the half.

Again.. 2 games in is too early to axe anyone... we either sink or swim with the staff we have because once a HC is kicked, its start over time... but if this keeps up for another half season it will be time to make that change to get ready for next season (sigh.. please god no)

Obie's done after this season anyways and I have to say that his only real flaw in his time here was keeping MB here after last season.

The way things are going it looks like Obie has already packed his bags.
Marcel is a total no show as a team leader.
Time to put the responsibility were it belongs and not on the players shoulders this time..


Precisely, this is why players leave or never want to sign here in the first place.It's a gong show.The coaching has been a problem here for the longest time and we can't seem to fix it.

you want to fix this?

at end of season, wave a bunch of $$$$ in front of Montreals' H/C . You'll win with him.

This MB has no clue what to do......

He should have been axed last year.

I'll tell you 1 thing for sure - we won't even make it to 9-9. Winnipeg is better, Edmonton is better. Argos are better.
We are the only ones going south.....

The Eagle.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Hey Zontar… save yr yawns for the coaches… eh

like I said, its obvious you dont pay to to go the games…

and BTW… it looks like the voice of the public (what you might call Vox populi- though I doubt you’d know what that means) has spoken… notice anyone taking yr side here on these posts.

I think Ron Wilson should have been fired by the Laffs.

But, as for any CFL team....after two games, no one gets the axe.

Trestman is under contract until the end of the 2012 season.

I've generally felt that OB has done a pretty good job, but there have been a number of moves that I have felt have been suspect. One of the big ones has been the handling of the DBs. We keep letting good ones go, and don't find anyone to replace them. I think we have one pick this year, while I can easily think of at least 4 picks by players we have gotten rid of. Another area that has not been handled well is the O-Line. After being at the bottom of the league for a couple of years we should easily have a stock-pile of Canadians from our draft choices, but we find ways to pick bad ones (ie. Carlson), or piss good one's off (Cedric G-M), or toss others away (Gauthier). We are presently dressing two Imports on the O-Line and don't have a lot of depth. That's not getting the job done. I also think OB has unnecessarily dished out big money on some big name Import players. Some have panned out, and some have not. At this point I like Cobourne (dis-like the way we use him), but we probably would be just as well off by having Grant and Milner at a fraction of the cost. I am also not so certain that the GM should have allowed so many coaching changes in one year. More continuity is required to keep getting better. Losing the three head assistant coaches was just asking for trouble.

I know it's easy to second guess these types of decisions, particularly when you don't have to take the whole picture into consideration. Things like the cap, contract lengths, and the import ratio are easy to overlook when making judgements. Overall, I really think there is some room for improvement.

In keeping with the subject of the post, I really think it's too early to get rid of any coach. At this point there appear to be a lot of mistakes being made on the team, but we are only 2 weeks in. If we are still making mistakes and not prepared after week 6, time to consider who is not getting the job done. Wait any longer and the season would be lost.

It will be interesting next week, because one of Saskatchewan or Hamilton is going to be 0-3 (if there is no tie). Things are going to get ugly for one of those two teams.


8) The only place Trestman will be going after the 2012 season is the NFL.

You'd be wrong, because I don 't agree. Not when there are 16 games to go.

Does anyone know where the Cats are salary wise compared to the other teams? Maybe Obie has the smallest budget to work with. Rookie coaches and rookie players cost less. Might explain going with an all Rookie coaching staff and being quick to replace veterans with less expensive younger players.

Cats routinely spend money on veteran free agents from other teams and gave Cobourne a higher base pay than the Als were willing to give him. Don't think money is an issue...