Which Coach Do you Think Has The Shortest Fuse?

I'd Say Calgary or Hamilton's Coach! Sasks Miller is so sedate! A tornado could swoop down eat up the fans and players and he would not flinch and keep his arms crossed!


I don't know... after last week's display, I'd say Rich Stubler. :lol:

I think Don Mathews used to be the short fuse King!

No I dont believe that he had a short fuse at all.

Berry for sure.


The Bombers' Berry for sure!

Anger is a sign of weakness.
Doug Berry has the worst temper.

Stubler and Berry, I think they both look ridiculous when they get angry too, it evokes laughter from me.

I'm on the fence here. I laughed so hard when I saw Stubler chewing out one of his assistants. But if that were me... yikes! :?

Doug Berry has the shortest temper i've ever seen, but Charlie Taafie is pretty close.

Between Berry, Taffe, and Stubler they have 14 losses already. I guess I can understand why they flip out. :wink:

Taffe just looks pouty like a child when he flips, Berry looks like a loud mouth drunk yelling at his kids, Huf looks more like a golfer who shanked a tee shot, Buono looks like a Dad when some high school dropout / parolee just brought his daughter home 2 hours late and smiling like an idiot for some suspected reasons, Miller looks like he's plotting revenge but your not really sure how, and Danny M looks like he's just happy he's still working. Marc who?

Stubler gets my vote.

Berry hands down

Yup Berry is the kinda guy you could walk into his office and ask 4 a raise and turn around and walk out with 1 scowl from him and forget why you showed up in the first place! Could you imagine telling him you think you knocked up his daughter but were too drunk to remember! I don't know why but Danny machochia looks like Kastansa from Sienfeld! just missing the glasses!and needs sum hair loss! Jerry were lossin here! Wally looks like he's peepin over the fence at the niebours young daughter and doesn't wanna get caught! Miller looks like he's a frozen mime!

Is this current or past included?

If the past is included, I'd have to say Vic Rapp. I remember one time at Empire Stadium, the players had to literally carry him off the field because he was trying to kill the ref.

If the past is included, i’d go with Jim Popp from last year…

Otherwise, Doug Berry seems to get the most animated, though Taafe and Buono tend to look rather displeased most of every game.