Which city?

Which city do players dislike the most to play in? I say Regina.

Well, I'm part Italian and since pasta is made from wheat, logic prevails that the best pasta should be found right there on the prairies so it would probably be my first choice as a player! :wink:

Why do you say that?
Have you taken a poll amoung the players?
Did any of them tell you that personally?

It's because he can't spell "Winnipeg".

Where do these people come from? :?


Nah....this one is posting from the West, and supports the Lions.....

Now common jm02, just because we have one that "pushes the envelope" alot..........

No no, Sporty.....trust me on this one.....

Here is some proof that I can give

Oh, oh, not a clone of "you know who". :roll: :roll:

Proof not needed ro I was just given jm02 the gears a little bit.

Danny Mac agrees with you. He said during a broadcast how crappy the field is at Mosaic. Apparently there’s a giant hump in the middle of the field which affects a QB’s passing. The camera during the game was on the ground and you could see the hill in the middle of the field.

Do you mean dislike as in they hate the City of Regina? Or do you mean they don't like the noise they have to deal with?

Either way, the Regina is a great city.

I think the players Love travelling to every great Canadian city in the CFL.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

How the hell does that happen? The flattest bloody place on earth and the field isnt flat? I would think you would have to work at doing something that odd.

New field turf was installed this year. AS has been mentioned/discussed on a million other threads/posts that the crown was (past tense) no more noticable than other stadiums across North America. EE is lacking in topics to slag the Riders about. Watch his posts and the next thing that comes out is how the Riders have only won 2 Grey Cups. :slight_smile:

The Riders have won only 2 Cups? Interesting, I guess I have just been left by the perception of Rider fans that not only are they "Canada's team" and the best thing to happen to Canada since ice was invented, that they've won the Cup millions of times and that. Funny how perceptions are wrong a lot of the time. :wink:

I remember when then showed the crown in the field....That being said I dont think it was any worst than any other field.

Well, if DM says it, it must be true...
All fields (decent ones anyway) have a crown at the middle.
It prevents flooding?
I think he is just too use to those Florida swamps....