Which city would you like to see get a new franchise?

Quebec or Halifax? Maybe im a little biased but I'd sure want Quebec to get a franchise so there can be a rivalry in Quebec a la Canadiens - Nordiques. Well thats me. What do you think?

I think QC has more of a fan base, 15000 showing up for a CIS game, and probably has a better chance of getting a stadium built than Halifax. I would really like Halifax go get a francise, but I think that we need a tenth team to balance things out and QC is a better choice as I think Halifax will take to long to get things organised (an ownership group, stadium proposal, etc). Also as mentioned, the MTL-QC rivalry would be great.

Quebec City has better economics than Halifax and a bigger population bassin, that also support football in stronger fashion that Halifax IMO.
On the plus side you can automatically add a huge rivalry between Mtl and QC that would increase IMO the visibility of CFL football in Quebec, thus increasing the interest and possibly increasing league revenue by more than the simple sum of those 2 franchises taken without the consideration of the rivalry.

:shock: :? All I can think is,"What the heck are you smoking?"

Lets put a team in one city, let the fans get used to it, and then, like the Baltimore Colts, move out of town in the middle of the night, and re-establish somewhere else ? :roll:

That's got to be one of the dumbest things I've heard on all the forums so far, DOHHHH ! ! ! :?


I voted for Halifax, but anywhere down east would do. It's time to expand the game throughout the entire country. I personally would like to see them called the Maratime Confederates. To bring a piece of Canadian history to the game of football.

This is the way I see it, Quebec already has a team in Montreal but Atlantic Canada has no teams at all. I think that Halifax should get a team for all of Atlantic Canada to cheer for.

Somewhere down the road, it would be great to have a twelve team CFL including Quebec City, Halifax and one more team in the West. However, as of right now, Quebec City seems to have a deeper football fanbase than does Halifax. Also, if anyone remembers the intense NHL hockey rivalry that used to exist between the Quebec Nordiques and the Montreal Canadiens, a similar Quebec City-Montreal rivalry in the CFL would be electric!

The maritimes. Like it’s been said previously in this post bringing the game to the maritimes would make the CFL a coast to coast Canadian league. I also think if you name the team the maritme ??? the popularity of the team could comparable to the Riders in Saskatchewan. The maritimes has no pro sports teams and a CFL team which the whole maritimes could cheer for would bring that whole area together.

I don't think the question is phrased well. It's not a matter of who deserves it more. I believe the best place for it is Halifax, assuming they build a stadium.

I like the idea of having a league that goes from coast to coast, so having a team in Halifax to bring the maritimes in the CFL means more to me than a battle of Quebec. If Quebec City is a viable city for a franchise than owners will rise and try to make it happen. I still think Halifax is the better choice!

Halifax is the next franchise because the CFL wants to be coast coast. I'd like to see Quebec right away also, but get ready for the Halifax Jack-Tars.[/list]

Where’s the Saskatoon Option people!?

i dont see why they dont just give the 2 cities at once, like within the next 4 or 5 years... also i'd just like to say that central BC should be next to get a CFL team, like Kamloops or Kelowna or Prince George, its to inconvenient to travel throught the mountains to go watch the Lios play, Alberta is flat and they got 2, Saskachewan and Manatoba both have teams but they are flat and easier to travel through... thats my opinion anyway

I can't believe we are discussing the addition of a tenth team AGAIN! This must officially be the 250th thread on the subject in the last 12 months. How can you guys still enjoy going over it?

Face it, there won't be a tenth team untill all 9 current teams are solidly in place. So as long as Ottawa will be shaky, the league won't expand.

Shall expansion happen in, say, 2008, Does this mean we'll see ourselves repeating the same jabba-jabba over and over for yet another 36 months?

Let me guess where this thread will head in the next few days:

  • Two or three guys who almost never speak will drop by to say they like the name "Schooners".
  • Then, one guy will comme to say it has to be "Explosion" or "Hurricanes", because it's cool and not really a touchy subject even though a lot of people died in Halifax because of these events (at least the Explosion).
  • Then, someone will drop by to give us an history lesson about those events.
  • The subject will move to adding the tenth team in some other place.
  • People will share numbers showing why their favourite markets could support or not such team.
  • The money issue (for building stadium) will emerge.
  • Then someone sticking with the first few posts will come back to add a new name, which will prompt someone to say he prefers "Schooners".
  • Within about 8 days, interest for the topic will fade and people will stop participating in it.
  • Then someone will start a new thread about "Getting a team in Halifax", and everyone will come back to repeat what they already said "just in case we haven't seen their posts in the 10 other threads related to the matter".

Ain't I right? Admit it. You know this is what's going to happen...

Coast to Coast..............Halifax

But only after Ottawa is secure

Kind Regards

I don’t necessarily agree that Ottawa has to have their ownership situation settled before a tenth team could be added. Too many factors are falling into place (rise in popularity of the CFL in southern Ontario, NHL strike taking away their support, rebirth in appreciation of things Canadian, federal government with a budget surplus). The CFL realizes that things could change quickly which is why they have moved up the timetable for expansion. If you wait for a perfect time to do some things, they will never get done. I can’t argue with the fact that this issue has come up many times in the last year. However, that is life, the same people doing the same things and telling the same stories and jokes. It can be monotonous. The expansion issue comes up alot because the vast majority of fans really want to see it happen. I bring up the “using Grey Cups to generate money to bulid a stadium” idea hoping that someone will see it and either put it in mainstream media so the public can judge it or use it to inspire a better way to finance stadium construction.

Yah Kanga-Kucha I will.

What stadium in these cities is big enough to hold a grey cup? Are they going to put up temporary stands to hold 50000 people? Imagina how much this would cost. What about hotel rooms, would there be enough? I know some of these places have enough but not others.

The reason it's great to have the grey cup in CFL cities is the stadium already exists. There is a definite fanbase there. And it helps sell season tickets in the hosting city for that year.

Are we on this again? For the 32,267th time...why would the CFL put its championship game somewhere where there is not a stadium??

Never mind the "IF".
IF another city had a suitable stadium, they would probably have a team by now....
IF the CFL wanted to fund a new stadium in another market (by giving it a Grey Cup Game), they would have done that by now.....
IF the CFL wanted to put on a Grey Cup game in the US....I don't even know where to begin with that one.....
IF there is suitable interest in a new market by the fans, someone will pony up the cash to make it happen.....
IF we could stop beating this expansion topic to death, there would be no more ridiculous posts.....

Thank God training camps are opening soon. We can start talking football again.

no kiddin... and dear god has thistopic changed since last time i was here

why would saskatoon ever get a team? like 10 people live there. WINDSOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!