Which City Hosts the Best Half Time Shows?

Much is discussed about which individual shows have been best or worst. Looking at the last 20 years which city has hosted the best over-all selection of half-time shows over the past 20 years?

i admit a definate bias in my pick but the 1998 Trooper Show trumps them all and was the deciding factor. I also feel that the prairie cities have been collectively the best shows. One interesting fact is that the shows that I least liked were almost exclusively the one performed in the domes. :cowboy:

I picked Edmonton for bachman and Shania, but Calgary a close second with the best, being the guess who

1996 Grey Cup in Hamilton ! The Nylons :rockin: Great Show :thup:

Voted for Edmonton, due to being more of a fan of the acts they brought in.

Toronto should be last due to the 100th Grey Cup crap fest.