Which CFL Veterans Could Be Released Soon?

With Labour Day quickly approaching, which high-priced or underperforming CFL vets could be released so their salary won’t go against their team’s salary cap. You gotta think James Wilder in Toronto would be a leading candidate and Duron Carter in B.C. might be shortly behind.

Jonathan Jennings perhaps.


Hopefully Boris Bede

While some Blue Bomber fans may disagree, I’d cut Import Kicker/Punter Justin Medlock. I don’t think he’s worth the price.


he used to be an argo and i think he is still one of the best kickers in the league - what is his salary ?

i agree that both should be cut

last yr i thought carter was nisued both in sk and toronto - now i just think he is a putz and cetainly lost a step

never liked wilder - the mouth that roared

The invisible man Jamaal Westerman would be high on my list . In fact I have to say that I’m surprised that the Cats have kept him and his over priced salary around as long as they have considering that they’ve been carrying 6 DE’s on the active roster for most of the season and there is really no room for him as a starter and he makes way too much to be a back-up . Not to mention that he’s on the wrong side of 34 and hasn’t suited up for a game now since Sept 22nd of last year and it makes one wonder why he’s still around .

I’m finding $390,000 per year, but I thought it was in the $200,000 range and too high at that.


Good lord man. $390,000 ?? There is NO way
At his peak he got $190,000. He is now at about $170,000.

$390k ? that is high but is it really correct

#70 w/ hamilton how much is he making ?

This is where I got the figure:

But like I say, it looked high to me as well. But even at $170,000-$190,000, I don’t think he’s worth the price.


I was certain it was 185,000. Possibly $390,000/2 years? 195,000 seems like what they were paying him, and falls in line with earlier in his career.

I thought you were kidding, but sure enough, that site is a treasure trove of info - at least on Medlock.

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He dropped that pass as led to a costly interception. Good move.

SJ Green to WPG ??


or was his ‘location’ on his phone set incorrectly ?
i checked around and could not find mention of this trade
i hope argos didnt something really stupid like trade him

It’s not true. :o