Which CFL teams sell out??....

and which dont. does toronto??

nm. I just read something that said that their average attendance was 30k. Kinda weird thought that a city with 1 million more people than the state of oklahoma cant sell out a stadium that holds about 50k while every year oklahoma sells out their stadium which holds 85k people. You canadians need to spread the cfl's popularity. Oklahoma has had like 60 consecutive home sell outs. that is WaCkO.

You have to keep in mind that college football is the only thing that Oklahoma has. A city like Toronto has professional football, hockey, baseball and basketball.

The truth Sooner, is that football needs to work hard up here in order to attract fans to its games. In America, the love of the sport runs very deep and it is much easier to sell out games and sell merchandise.

Hockey is our passion as a nation and it is unheard of for the ACC (Air Canada Centre) to not sell out a game. Same goes for the Montreal Bell Centre, and lately, the other Canadian clubs have been selling out in markets that are considerably smaller than Toronto or Montreal.

Getting back on topic, the als ALWAYS sell out as they play in a small stadium and I think the ti cats sell out some of, but not all of, the time.

You seem to be under the impression that we care!
Why is that?

Dont forget CowTipping!
Thats pretty big in Oklahoma

Ro you have it wrong Cow chip trhowing is big in the Okie State! Ready aim throw the cow pie into the camode! Dam missed again!

No Red
Cow tipping is when you sneak up on a sleeping cow and tip them over!

The cow wakes up on the way down "What the! Thud!

Apparently its quite entertaining to the Okis

Canadians are that big on sports as Americans and Australians.

edited.....post has been corrected.

Thanks, an answer to my question.

And ro, i am sorry, but i have never been cow tipping, and i have lived in oklahoma all of my life. I bet you think that we still live in tepees too.

...and, ofcourse, the grey cup game drew a 60K sell-out at BC place.

drumming god

For sure the Cal vs Edm Labour Day game was a sellout.
Same with Sask vs Winn LD game.

oh yes..i missed those. thanks eskylo..ok...heres the revised sell-out count:

games that were sold-out ( or close )last year ( not counting all montreals sell-outs at molson stadium ):

Sask vs calgary ( burris-bowl ) ( 29K ) sold-out
Sask vs winnipeg labourday (29K ) sold-out
Winnipeg vs Sask ( banjoBowl ) (29.6K) sold-out
Hamilton vs toronto labourday ( 29.6K ) sold-out
Calgary vs edmonton labourday (35.6K) sold-out
Calgary vs Sask (first meeting on the season ) (35.6K )sold-out
Toronto vs montreal in playoffs ( 44K ) sold-out
Montreal vs toronto at the Big O ( 51K )...not really a sellout but c'mon it was a bigger crowd then norm.
Edmonton vs BC ( BC's first loss ) (48.6K )...again, not really a sellout, but a huge crowd.
Edmonton vs sask ( 53K ) close to a sell-out
GreyCup montreal vs edmonton@BC Place ( 60K ) sold-out

I just read that the NBA's New Orleans Hornets, who have been playing their home games in Oklahoma City since Hurricane Katrina, are permanently moving to Oklahoma City. I guess sports fans in Oklahoma will have another thing to do.

Interesting Stats DG.

See Ro he said nothing about cow chip throwin hey I did that in Texas was lots of fun tubs of beer and chilly that will kill you! HMMM chilly and beer!

do you got a link, cuz i havent heard about that. I knew that they were thinking about it, mainly because it would be financial suicide to move back to NO. They sell out almost every game here.

Also, Oklahoma city leads cities in North America in attendance in minor league hockey games. Our team, the blazers, have a very solid fan base.

What do you average a game? What league?
The Halifax Mooseheads are 1st in the QMJHL I believe.

The Oklahoma Blazers is a minor team. The OHL, WHL, QJMHL are major leagues.