Which CFL Team Should I Like?

Hey Everyone!
I've just found out about the CFL and it looks like a very great league but I can't decide on what team to like! I've watched the BC Lions a few years ago and I just can't stand them and I've also briefly followed Montreal and I'm not fans of them at all!

So I'll just kinda post what I'm looking for:
-Is a real rough team and will do anything to win.
-Doesn't have a crazy big fan-base, instead have a small one.
-Doesn't have tons & tons of trophy's and accolades.
(remember don't put Montreal or BC down!)

So yeah try to pick a team with some (hopefully all) of that criteria!

Well, that rules out Edmonton...

i suggest Sask.

sounds like hamilton to me.

you JUST found out about CFL, but you watched the lions a few yrs ago, enough to form an opinion about them?? Sounds fishy to me.

Why is it everytime about this year we have someone post which team they should cheer for? Do we care? One more fan for a particular team is going give you an advantage. Seriously go get a life.

pick the team closest to where u live, so u can go watch them live.

when I first tried getting into american college ball, I chose boston college because they were B C. What great timing, it was the yr of Flutie's hail mary. Watched it live, over the tube that is. What a ride.

If this is a legit question, pick a team or city name you like. Pick by which uniform you like. Or, assuming you a USA citizen, pick a team that has a player from your area, or who went to your college, or has any ties at all to any place you favor.

oh yeah

West is always best.

Never cheer for montreal :twisted:

Riders have too many fans.
so do Eskimoes
Bomber fan are just nuts so you dont want to get mixed up with them :twisted:

So, if you must scratch out BC, then that leaves Toronto, Calgary, and Hamilton.

Hamilton has the best owner
Toronto is most in need of fans
Calgary is just boring :twisted:

I cheer for Montreal.
And since you are outside of Canada you should also cheer for Montral, they are the only francise outside of Canada.

you present a good case, but I am thinkin that our most USA hearted city, Toronto, also qualifies under your argument :twisted: :thup:

In the past 11 years, the Montreal Alouettes won the most regular season games in all the CFL.

139 wins and 76 lost

which goes against one of the criteria, which means a second strike against. :smiley:

How about Ottawa? They need as many fans as they can get.

Seriously, take Drummer's advice, the team Geographically closer to you.

It’s always best to cheer for a winner, so cheer for Edmonton.

The Cup’s coming home, baby! :smiley:

I was gonna say Ottawa so now Ill say Birmingham.

...as soon as the next coach can undo the current coach's damage...:stuck_out_tongue:

Sad but true... I curse the day Maciocia became our coach. :frowning:

Were you cursing when he won the cup as a rookie coach?

You trying to bait me, ro? :wink: