Which CFL team is your favourite?

  1. Riders

  2. Whomever is playing the Lions

You will enjoy the CFL even more if you ever have a chance to fly up here see a game live.
As long as you came here between July - Sept.
You would not like it in Oct and Nov.

Ooga-Chaka, Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka - Roughriders for me
Rider Pride and Nation Wide :rockin: :smiley:

From the UK, been following since mid season 2014.
3 downs, bigger field makes for a interesting variation on the Nfl.
I tend to stick to 10minutes highlights on website for all 4 games.
Havent quite decided on team yet so won't vote. Slightly favour CS/WBB/HTC/TA
Want all teams to survive add a 10th somewhere.
Looking forward to this season.

Sorry as per the CFL Official Grey Cup records that team no longer exists.


So far, 25-8 for eastern teams.....have the folks out west woken up yet? :lol:

Excellent observation there dg! :thup:

we are still cheering for the canucks.

Come to think of it I usually want the underdogs to win and even out the league standings.

Having said that I also want the teams that use CIS players in the skill positions to win. Loved the Rider's CAF in their heyday. Surprisingly, to think about it, the Argos have always had a penchant for going after big name has been NFL guys but if you look at the Barker regime he seems to have always been supportive of his Canadian talent.

An example of this is when a player becomes a "type" other people seek. Get me an "Andre Durie type", he's an "Andre Durie type". Another example of Barker support would be Danny Brannigan.

Another coach who seemed supportive of Canadian talent was John Hufnagel. I wonder if Dave Dickenson will give a chance to Buckley, they seem a similar type and I think he will give him a legitimate shot to make the team and maybe mentor under BLM.

Also lurking in the background is Calgary RB coach Marc Mueller, who I think would like to see this happen. Both Mueller and his grand pappy had a solid understanding of what it will take to get a Canadian QB into the league. I posted his thoughts somewhere years ago but now i can't find the article. I will eventually, but this is why I post full articles because links die.

Edit: It was right under my nose

I voted for my Stamps. However, the Lions are also my team.

Only allowed to vote once, so I had to play the homer card.

Does not surprise me that the Cats fans are out in front.

Just based on the posts on this site.

Lions and the new slick uniforms :rockin:

Fans in the west have their own forums not affiliated with the board that are much busier than any individual forums in the east, with the notable exception of Hamilton. For the most part, those western teams are reasonably satisfied with the content on their individual forums so there is no reason for them to come here. For eastern teams, the active members and content is rather lacking (Hamilton is again the exception) so those few who do seem to care come here looking for content. Looking at the individual team forums..

  1. BC Lions - have one site not associated with this site that is relatively quiet with few active members.

  2. Calgary Stampeders - have two sites, one of which is practically dead while the other is reasonably busy, but with few active members.

  3. Edmonton Eskimos - I have only seen one active site outside these boards which is somewhat busy during the season, but quieter than many others during the off-season

  4. Saskatchewan Roughriders - I only know of the one site and it is the busiest with the most threads and most active members in the CFL...easily

  5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - have 3 active sites. One is pretty barren with few active members while the other two are busy with plenty of users and active topics.

  6. Toronto Argos - I have only see one site which is somewhat busy for an eastern site but has very few active members.

  7. Ottawa RedBlacks - Do they even have a site that exists outside this board? I have not seen it.

  8. Hamilton TIcats - 2 boards that I know of although one of them is here and is the busiest of the eastern teams with a decent number of active members. Other site looked dead last time I visited.

  9. Montreal Als - not particularly busy with very few active members. Also a very self-centered board. They are the only board that I have visited that appears to never discuss let alone create threads discussing other teams or the league in general.

That's great, but that's not why I created this poll.
I want to know how the teams are represented on THIS forum - which I stated in the first post of this thread.

I couldn't care less about other forums.

The ArgoFans website is way busier than the Argonauts Forum here.

That is the one site I was talking about - the one not affiliated with this board. It is moderately busy but with few active members.

What's your definition of few active members?

The oldest team in the league! And the coolest city as well

Hamilton Tiger cats!!

Ooh, value judgment from a newbie troll with a grand total of 16 posts to his name. Devastating. :lol:

[i]AHHH!!! The Kitty cat fans are stuffing the ballot box! :thdn:

Have they no shame? :cowboy: [/i]