Which CFL team is your favourite?

I'm just curious how each team is represented on this forum.

Eat em Raw !!! :smiley: :rockin: Oski-Wee-Wee :smiley: :rockin:

Argos !! :thup:

Oskee wee wee!

Tough one, live in Hamilton and have cheered for the Tiger-Cats since I've been here but grew up in London, Ont cheering as a kid and teenager for the Argos. I'm torn. My heart still says Double Blue but the TiCats have grown on me over the years since I've lived in Hamilton.

And yet, you didn't vote for them :lol:

Cats, baby! :rockin:

and he's been gleefully rubbing his hands together for years in great anticipation of their demise and for an NFL team to set up shop.

Well, that, and I thought he was a RedBlacks fan. But he didn't vote for them either. :roll:

I grew up in Oakville, which is halfway between Hamilton and Toronto, so both teams home games were blacked out for me. Ottawa seemed to be on TV the most and these were Russ Jackson days so they became my favourite team. I live in Toronto now and have had Argo season tickets on and off over the years but I’ve never quite shaken my affection for Ottawa, despite all the changes they’ve gone through. Argos are a close second, but mostly I just want to see a good game.

Born as a New Eskimos and CFL Fan in 2009
Well in 2008 I watched the Grey Cup live on what was then known as Versus, which was the predecessor to NBC Sports Network as started in 2012. As an American, I had not watched the CFL since it was on NBC back in 1982 during the NFL Strike. I figured I'd check in with the league in the next season.

In the summer of 2009, I caught the highlights of games online and was absolutely fascinated by the play of Ricky Ray and Arkee Whitlock of the Eskimos and of Anthony Calvillo and his receiving corps in Montreal. I couldn't understand why more Americans did not know about this league and just sat there all summer and wailed about football withdrawal!

And so I picked the Eskimos because I like what I have seen and heard about Alberta though I have never been there.

Then I joined this forum in February 2010 right after the Super Bowl and have never looked back. Not only do I love the league and game more and more, but I have learned so much more about Canada and met some fine Canadians both here and elsewhere online. I'm amazed how substantive and civil the discussions are on this forum in general even off topic, and that's generally by far not the case on online forums based largely in the US.

Go figure, I just might move to Canada for better work opportunity some day too. Many of you seem to have a better deal going for you than Americans in many states in the US, and I was thinking that even before this mess of an election year down here.

From 2010 to 2014, like many Americans and also Canadians abroad I caught most games that were not on NBC Sports Network or on ESPN on pirate feeds. I still do so occasionally when the ESPN feed does not come through to me, and for those outside of Canada ever having trouble getting the game online, just ask on the game thread and I'll help!

Now I actually prefer the rules of the CFL to those of the NFL because Canadian football has a bigger field of play and emphasizes the kicking game rather than trying to diminish and destroy it like more and more in American football, but I enjoy professional gridiron football altogether.

Ticats of course :thup:

The nine Teams of the CFL are my favorite, no specific Team. I just enjoy watching the CFL games.

Oskee wee wee!



Born and raised in Vancouver, I was a casual Lions fan! Moved to Edmonton in 96 and became a season ticket holder of the Eskimos in 2007 and have been a fan of the green and gold ever since!

No, I was being sarcastic.... :slight_smile:

REDBLACKS all the way to the GC, again

The oldest professional sports franchise (that hasn't changed their name :stuck_out_tongue: ) in North America: the Toronto Argonauts!


Nice caveat, but we all know the truth;

Hamilton Football Club Since 1869!

(that's 4 years before Toronto if you don't like math)