Which CFL team is in most trouble?


Which team is in the most trouble already in this CFL season.

  1. Is it Montreal and the all the chaos trying to replace A.C., hiring someone out of coaching for many years etc.
  2. Is it B.C. with lessening crowds and playing unattractive, boring football thus far and hosting the Grey Cup?

Who do you pick??

regina roughriders

I'll take option 3. Mr.Turkey...........which is...................
3. Is it Toronto with an owner who couldn't care less and an ever dwindling attendance,in a city that seems to totally ignore them and does not give a crap about football(Any football,CFL,NFL at all)Question:Just how low can attendance go this year for the Argos,especially if they keep losing ? :thdn: :roll:

since there is no such thing as a Toronto cfl team with an owner who doesn't care, it cant be that


Move the Argos to Quebec City- play out of LAVAL and re-name the team the l'argonots! :wink:

Some might be inclined to say the Argos but within 5 years they could become the most valuable franchise in the CFL. While the Argos haven't been financially successful for 25 years (since they moved into Skydome), what's different now is the Argos will soon be moving to their own, more intimate outdoor stadium in the GTA. With a good operator and a limited supply of seats (like the RedBlacks), the demand for Argo tickets will surge (along with merchandise sales if they were readily available and marketed).
Many of the 3.6 million viewers in the extended GTA who watched all or part of the Argos 100th Grey Cup win on TSN might have they're say yet. :thup:

OUI OUI!!! :lol: :wink: or perhaps they can rename the team the La Escargots !!!

They could change the Logo to this :smiley:


Toronto and Montreal for similar and very different reasons.
Ownership in Montreal is a big reason as to why they lose money, same with Toronto.
Both are Metropolis' that have a lot going on.
Both cities are obsessed with their hockey teams, leving leittle else for the other organizations.

Is the OP’s question which team is in the most trouble on or off field?

On field: I would say the Als. Complete rebuild going with some growing pains. Argos have allot of injuries so out of the fortune of being in the east, they’ll be in the mix. BC, historically can never count them out.

Off field: Don’t we have enough threads on that front already?

Off the feild, right now, it's Toronto. This whole MLSE bid talk smoke and mirrors is doing nothing for the Argos, and is indeed just punishing the net worth of the team who has a bunch of injuries that are also going to hurt the on field product. It's certainly not helping them build their brand at all. If this continues for several years and a new field isn't found, we may be seeing the end of Argonaut football.

On the field, it's Montreal. The organization is telling its starting QB to ship up or ship out, with a veteran depleted team (most having retired, gone to coaching jobs or being picked up by other teams) and a team with coaching struggles since Trestman and his former aides having moved onto other pastures.

I mean Hamilton is struggling with injuries and Ottawa is laying a foundation, but Montreal doesn't have the mentors needed to mature these young guys.


This year on field - probably Montreal, although Toronto needs to step it up soon.

Off field - of course TO - for all the reasons we've discussed for months in other threads - but also now because they are about to fall further into oblivion as they get steamrolled by the fast filling up Blue Jays bandwagon, which is really beginning to pick up steam here in Southern Ontario. They potentially are going to totally dominate the sports scene here for the next few weeks at least if not the next 2-3 months.

regina roughriders
Oh 'Regina' Rough Riders is it. LOL :thup:

BC or Sask

The East is still completely wide open. There’s no cross divisional CFL games, the last 4 weeks of the regular season. Whoever gets hot at the end of the year is going to have a shot at the Gray Cup. It could be any of the four.

After last nights game HAMILTON!!!

Hamilton is not in any trouble. Their three losses to the best teams in the league were on the final play of the game. A little bit of luck and they could be 4-1.

Hamilton is by far the best team in the east and has been IN every game.

Couldn't Ottawa say the same thing they could easily be 3-1? they went into Winnipeg lost a close one in their first game, beat the Argos, and just like last nights in the Bomber/Ticat game down by 6 with 2 minutes left 3rd down and 2 just bad luck Ottawa didn't make that 3rd and 2 play.
Ottawa didn't know what to expect from LeFevour last week they wanted to blitz a guy in his first start. The Bombers had all week to study the film and it was about containing LeFevour because he can't pass.
But it's not about ..............could've would've should've it's about your current record.

Yes there is. Fourth in the west can take the 3rd east spot if they have a superior record. And because of that B.C. and Sask are in the drivers seat as the easiest way to the Cup in the West is to finish fourth and then cakewalk through the east playoffs.

This could be the first time that a Western cross over team could have a better record than the first place East team.