Which CFL team has made best signings in off-season?

Given the FA signings to date, which team has most improved from last year and is in best position to go long in playoffs?


TiCats 8)
No FA's so far outside of Lirum, but resigned all of our key people that needed re-signing.
From the beginning of the season last year until the beginning this year we will be most improved considering we were 0-8 at Labour Day.
I like our team and management, we will also have a strong draft in May.
We will need to address the SAM and some DB positions to go a long ways into the playoffs.

Right Now, I would switch teams with the Riders at a drop of the hat.

Off you go! GOTC1 is easily changed to GOGREEN2 ! :wink:

here's your hat

FA signings are directly tied to available budget. You can fairly safely assume most CFL teams are close to the salary cap ceiling every year. New FAs in means $$$ out so you would need to do the math on the whole story.
The only winners in CFL free agency are the players signed 1st day. Who won free agency last year?
Was it the team that paid a ransom for Derek Dennis?
Kenny Shaw?
Chris Williams?
Ernest Jackson?
Well these were the top free agents on the board last season.

Last season I was pleased that we resigned Davis and lured Kanneh.
I didn't do more than blink when we inked Davon Coleman and 5'8" DB Richard Leonard. Our 2 most valuable additions.

You could say CFL free agency is fools gold. Especially when you sign the CFL 2018 MVP Masoli before it even begins :slight_smile:

Well said! ^^^^

Really? Would love to see Masoli as 2018 MVP; but thats just wishful thinking!

It's very difficult to tell who won FA as a lot of big name players did not change teams.
Stamps may of been the biggest losers, though.( but they'll just plug some other players in and cruise to another 15-2-1 season ?)

Please go to the Riders board from now on???♀?

What's interesting is the two fascets with CFL contracts that contradict each other....

Considering the number of one year contracts... We should see a ton of free agents. But since contracts aren't guaranteed we don't see as many players changing teams for aritrary amounts of money.

Don't think so! At 72 years and born in Hamilton(Henley for the Shenley) I am probably a TC fan longer that you. I guess I am still sore about losing Collaros .
See you around.

I remember a Canadian sports writer once said of free agency...he's the player you overpaid for who had his best years with his previous team....(paraphrasing)

RIGHT ON! And remember that Ticats had about the lowest number of potential free agents (17 I believe) so most of their cap was already tied up but they also had the fewest holes to fill. They brought back the impact players that they really wanted and have let a small number of lesser players walk. Signing a large number of "names" is no guarantee of success and can actually have negative consequences a year or two down the road.

Masoli is a good contender indeed for the award.