Which CFL team do you support first?

I am not sure this is a politically correct question (sort of like asking a lady her age or weight). If it does go against a forum rule, I trust the Mods will shut it down.
Which team do you support or cheer for (CFL only) primarily and if you have a second choice what is that?
It is easy to determine some allegiances by name or avatar but not for everyone. It would interesting to know where others are coming from.
I am not asking for a trash talk towards other teams ( there will be lots of time for that in a few weeks)
Obviously, I support the Riders first and foremost (not many crazies out there willing to paint themselves green and then post it). My second team would be the Ti-Cats. I have liked them for a long time (I see them as very similar the the Riders but in the east) but really started to support them over the past three years, since my nephew started playing for them.


1A. Montreal
1B. Hamilton

Always been Hamilton at one with my number two team always being BC .

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I am strictly an Als fan. While I respect certain players and coaches on other teams, I wouldn’t be able to root for them.

When the Als folded in 1987 I migrated completely to the NFL and the Bills in particular. There is a 10 year void in my knowledge of the CFL between 1987 & 1996.

I can root for any other team, no reason or logic needed, except for the Argos, because…well, you know.


Bombers #1
I just latched onto them and now they’re my team.
I’d say Hamilton #2. I had a great time there.
I don’t dislike any team. I enjoy the game.


Alouettes at #1, always. Born a Montrealer, would never cheer for anyone else before my Als.

#2 is sort of freefloating. It depends on whether former Als I like are playing for other teams and how many. Right now B.C. is probably my #2 team because of Vernon Adams and William Stanback.

Strange to say it, but I wouldn’t be upset if Hamilton won the Cup. They own the league’s longest active Cup drought. Their fanbase deserves some payoff for years of suffering.


I’m almost with you except for my hatred of the Argos. :smiley:


Je suis un supporteur des Alouettes depuis 54 ans.


I love the Argos. First sports team I truly fell in love with.

I hate the ticats (not really)

I love all of the CFL. I watch every single game.

I do have a soft spot for the Elks in the West division

  1. BC
  2. Hamilton
  3. The underdog.

You can see favourite CFL team in people’s profiles and user cards when you click on their avatars. you can fill out the field here: https://forums.cfl.ca/my/preferences/profile


After BC I usually switch between Ham, Tor, Ott. Usually Ham. Sometimes depends on personnel

I did not know that and had not completed that on my profile. I also see that not everybody has done that either although quite a few have. Thanks for the information.


Argos first and foremost.

2nd is situational. The Als for a while were when they had ownership uncertainty. Now that they won a cup that ‘2nd’ fandom has expired :stuck_out_tongue:

Once Edmonton gets into new ownership they’ll take over as #2. Never thought I would ever say that.

  1. Riders – cuz you can’t live in SK and not be a fan.
  2. Ticats – my team as a kid growing up in Ontario.

yea i set it up when i first became admin last March and announced it here

  1. Riders
  2. Whomever is playing the Lions
  3. Bombers
  1. Elks
  2. Whoever is playing Calgary
  3. BC

1 Montreal
2 Ottawa, Winnipeg

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