Which CFL records could live forever?

It’s often said records are meant to be broken.

On the other hand, maybe it’s time to admit that some of the CFL’s long-standing benchmarks would be better etched in stone.

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George Reed seems like the most likely based on current offensive schemes and the lengths of careers . Long career records would seem the most likely be the hardest to break .

Career Interceptions , TD's etc... there will always be someone who comes up at the right time with the right team(s) when the league maybe not balanced with stronger teams taking advantage of the weaker one's and of course the player remains healthy .

One of events which are harder to predict and are more dependent on the opposition that day as well the record breaker themselves should be the easiest to fall .

Kind of like the perfect storm if all the ingredients are put together they will /could be broken any given day .

Longest missed field goal return of 131 yards wil never ever be broken

I think Dunigan's 713 yards in a game will be broken.

Dunigan's record will be hard to break in today's CFL. Teams run much more and defenses are a lot better. Same with Gizmo's record, special teams coverage is much better. Back in Gizmo's day teams didn't have a dedicated STC.
The one I see as the easiest to break is Passaglia's because careers can last a lot longer and if a kicker sticks around long enough they will likely get the scoring record

I think allen pitts 2000 yard receiving and 21 touchdowns wont be broken. So many great receivers came threw and it hasn't been done yet. KJ from the stamps in 2018 was on paste for 1800 yards and he was having a killer season befor injury

One notable record not mentioned in the article...Eight TD passes thrown in a single game by Joe Zuger . This record is coming up on close to 60 years since occurring in a game between the Green Riders and Cats in the 1962 season .

Frankly I'm surprised that it wasn't mentioned as a record that could live forever and never be broken.

Eight TD passes by the way is a pro football record in not only the CFL but the NFL as well . I honestly can not see anybody ever throwing nine in a game in either league . This is one record that has stood the test of time and IMO will never be broken .

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i am very surprised that u missed Wfleming record
that will never b broken in either cfl or nfl
1960 1,051 yrds 8.4 per carrier and he broke that record
1963 1,234 yrds 9.7 per carrier that per carrier will never b broken

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Season records are skewed by the number of games played. Terry Greer had 2,003 yards in a 16-game season. Hal Patterson had 1,914 in 14 games. Both had a better per-game average than Pitts, whose record of 2,036 yards was forged in 18 games. To me, Patterson's average of 136 yards per game is the most impressive receiving record. Patterson actually sat out a game that year, I believe.

Ya for sure. 136/game per game by Patterson feels beyond reach. Also I think Passagia's records are too as teams are so impatient, Kickers are not really allowed a poor season.

I do think a receiver will break out and break Greer's record soon though.
Will take 112 yds/game is doable I think if everything breaks the right way for him.

The way our refs call every bump and grind interference these days, maybe not. Plus the coaches challenges, it seems they save their challenge until after a long completion and TD. Plus the holding calls that will wipe out so many pass plays.
I can guarantee that there are more penalty yards now than ever before.
I would like to see our refs step back and let em play.
The NFL is setting all kinds of passing records in the last couple of years.
Last season 3 QBs had over 40 TD passes in a 16 game season. The last time a CFL QB threw for 40 TDs was Burris in 2012. Calvillo back in 2008 had 43. Flutie still has the record of 47

Westwood's extra point streak (661?), especially if they keep trying to make the one-point conversion tougher

Westwood made that many in a row. Sheesh. Impressive.

I don't believe that yards per carry is a stat that has a record

Most Singles in a Game: Ben Simpson Ham. 11 (Oct. 29, 1910 Ham at Mon.).

Granted, 2`1st century Canadian football in much different than the version played over 100 years ago.

But if a CFL kicker in today's game is scoring 11 singles, the coach would cut him at half time.


Records that are Unbreakable

Games 408 Lui Pasaglia BC
(closest NFL ever came is Morten Anderson 382)

TDs in a Game 6
(Multiple players in CFL & NFL, most recent is Bob McNamara Winnipeg)

TD via Int, single game (fairly modern record from 2000 I just cant see it being broken)
3 Vernon Mitchell Argos

Passing Yards, season
6,619 Doug Flutie BC
(Austin actually came close with 65 attempts but I think noone will break this)

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just wait until they bump up the season to 20 games

There is only one record that "Can't" be broken
Missed field goal return yards

I guess 135 yards is no longer possible.

exactly ........