Which CFL QB would you pick if you were a GM

When and if this should happen, The #1 QBs will be protected. But if I were the Lions, I would protect one of the back ups, as DD is in the twilight of his Football career, and is very prone to injuries..i.e.:repeat concussions. So, if I were the GM doing the picking..I would pass just on that premise alone. Stephan LeFors and Richie Williams show great promise, as well either Buck Pierce or Jarious Jackson(whoever is not protected)...in the end..I choose: whomever the Lions don't protect (excluding DD)

A healty Dickenson? Got a time machine? You cant un-do the damage that poor ol' Dave has suffered, he'll always have post concussion syndrome.

Frankly, to have him on a football field, at his position, shows a lack of concern for his well being as a man, a husband and a father by both him and his club. IMHO a 'Save Dave' campain needs to be employed in his heart and Wallys head.


I would say right now given the salary and health position, if 2 QB's get protected, DD is not one of BC's protected players.

realistically, i would take Jason Maas and Richie Williams. Maas starts now and Williams for the future.

Lets see , DD to start AC to back-up and DA to be 3rd string! :lol: :lol:

Ottawa won't have the stadium fixed before 2009. Don't see a team playing there next year. Lots of things can change next year.

It'll take more than 2 years to get the park re-developed, even if the city is 100% behind it. Drawings, engineering, permits, construction. Two years just to get into the position of being ready to build, then a minimum of 16 months to tear down and re-build.

Hard to pick just one. I divided them into three groups: YES, MAYBE, and NOT.

-Casey Printers: possibly the best, but may be injury prone
-Kevin Glenn: had an amazing first half of the season; trailed off toward the end
-Ricky Ray: solid and very reliable

-Jason Maas
-Kerry Joseph
-Buck Pearce
These guys are good and could still get better.

-Dave Dickenson
-Anthony Calvillo
-Damon Allen
These guys are too old. I'm trying to build a new team, not a retirement home.

-Henry Burris
Inconsistent. When he's hot, he's amazing. Other times, well...

-Michael Bishop
Never been convinced of his ability, and still not. I'd hate to have to spend six years building the best defence and special teams in the CFL just so I can win a few games.

A lot of people, including the TiCats of course who had a chace for Joseph, underestimated this guy. He's making a fool out of a few people in the CFL.

Bishop is interesting, hard to figure what's up with him but we'll see.

Big Dave, if age is a factor, you might want to compare the respective ages of your "maybes" and your "nots"